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Hater - Community Reviews back

by David Moody
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Zoë Markham
Zoë Markham rated it 5 years ago
David Moody is not only a hero of British Horror to me, but also a self-publishing role model. I absolutely love Hater and this is the second time I've read it as I now finally have the next two in the series to hand. I'll be cracking into Dog Blood as soon as I've hit 'publish' on this one. There...
The Book Frog
The Book Frog rated it 5 years ago
Hater was self-published online in 2006 by author David Moody. It became, we are told in the dust jacket copy, an internet phenomenon and Moody--who apparently is a great self-promoter--sold the movie rights, sans agent, to Guillermo del Toro. I'm here to tell you, folks, that just because somethi...
The Aussie Zombie
The Aussie Zombie rated it 6 years ago
Hater has been on my TBR list for a long time, and as a fan of David Moody's Autumn series, I was looking forward to getting into this one and reading something a little different, and despite my assumptions, is not a zombie novel.Essentially Hater is the story of one average guy, Danny, who has a j...
veeral rated it 6 years ago
The advent of internet brought a few changes to the world. Okay, it changed the world immensely if not completely. So I wonder if self published writers like [a:David Moody|117582|David Moody|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1248544632p2/117582.jpg] would have otherwise achieved such recognition in su...
Alluring Reads
Alluring Reads rated it 6 years ago
You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Hater is my most recent foray into adult horror novels and has further solidified my love for the genre. This one catches your eye by the simple, bloodstained cover and once you read the back you can tell it must be good. It talks of how David Moody p...
Bloody Shambles
Bloody Shambles rated it 7 years ago
Wow. This was an unexpected turn of events! I spent the first two thirds of this book in admiration of the way Moody portrays an average working class guy, with all the pressures of daily working and family life, but still a little irritated with the character himself. While it is a novel experience...
suzemo rated it 7 years ago
I really wanted to like this book. It has a great premise (as far as zombie-ish horror books go). There are a subset of genetically different people, who one day "snap" and become "Haters." They run amok and strike with an amazing amount of violence and relentlessness. The potential for paranoi...
Intensely Focused
Intensely Focused rated it 7 years ago
I thought this was an interesting book, if somewhat confusing at times. The portrayal of a man worn down by his dead end job and frustrated with his home life was painfully honest. I've been in that kind of rut before where you literally dread Mondays. I feel his wife's pain, too. Taking care of 3 k...
simmo rated it 8 years ago
Interesting book. The plot is focused to the fall into anarchy of civilization as the human population splits into two – 'normals' and those the media label as 'haters', as seen through the eyes of an average person. What makes it something other than a zombie/monster book is the way the haters are ...
BookRatMisty rated it 8 years ago
4.5It's difficult for me to explain this book without giving away something vital. Hater is almost a modern take on a zombie tale, but not quite -- it's more than that, a not-zombie book: there are no undead, rotting and roaming the streets, but the atmosphere is the same. There's the same Us vs. ...
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