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Heaven, Texas - Community Reviews back

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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No More Booklikes, BYE
No More Booklikes, BYE rated it 6 years ago
Booby Tom is a broken ex football player. His knee was damaged during a game that ended his life time love of playing football. He is also the player known to woman around the globe, a lier, and an egomaniac. But Bobby Tom is not a bad guy he loves people and helping people is his #1 goal, unfortuna...
Malin rated it 7 years ago
The ridiculously named Bobby Tom Denton was Chicago Stars' famous quarterback until he sustained a career ending knee injury. Now he's unsure of what he's going to do with his life, and deeply frustrated about it. When the tenacious and bossy Gracie Snow turns up on his doorstep and announces she's ...
Afterwords rated it 7 years ago
Heaven, Texas is the second book in a series of standalones centering around the players of the football team The Chicago Stars. This second book in the series did not disappoint. It featured great, human characters, an engaging plot and a great relationship.I was very surprised by this book because...
KayTheSerialReader rated it 8 years ago
I would give just 3 stars for the romance but Bobby Tom's character is outrageously funny and charming prompting me to add one more star for the enjoyment reading the story gave me. There's also something so endearing about a guy who loves and respects his parents and is overprotective of his mother...
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog)
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog) rated it 8 years ago
Genre: Contemporary Romance Year Published:1995 Number of Pages: 371 pages Date Read: 8/18/2013 Series: Chicago Stars #2 After reading “It Had to Be You,” I was definitely interested in checking out the rest of Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ fantastic “Chicago Stars” series! Lo and behold, I manage...
Aly's Miscellany
Aly's Miscellany rated it 8 years ago
Read in September 2013Buddy read with MaruI still think BT is an a-hole, but I understand him better now... SEP manages to make me love all her characters, even if I think they are cretins :D
daarc rated it 8 years ago
Giving this a second go....Ok, so the first time I tried to read this, I was kind of put off by the main character, Gracie. Bobby Tom was also a bit annoying too.However, by pushing through the story, the scenes got funnier and the story became much more interesting. Not my favorites but readable.
Coffee, Ginger & White
Coffee, Ginger & White rated it 8 years ago
I have to say it was an extremely entertaining read. With the first book of the series, I thought to myself I'd never like a book centered around American Football. With this second book, I thought I'd never be able to like a book whose main male character was named "Bobby Tom", but here I am, a b...
csharpton rated it 8 years ago
3 starsThis second book in the Chicago Stars series definitely had its moments. While Gracie's character took some warming up to (the frumpy thirty-year-old ingenue routine was tedious), and I struggled at various points throughout the book with Bobby Tom's selfish, superficial nature and entitlemen...
GobbeldyBook Reviews
GobbeldyBook Reviews rated it 9 years ago
First, I'm really enjoying this series. The humor is light and the 90's reference are always fun. Second, Gracie is virginal, goody-goody and very likable. Third, Bobby Tom is dick. He is. He's self-absorbed and superficial, but thankfully still manages to be endearing and a nice guy. Kudos t...
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