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Her Best Friend - Community Reviews back

by Sarah Mayberry
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Sassafrass rated it 5 years ago
*3.5 STARS* I’m a sucker for friends to lovers stories. I know that I’ve said that before. This was a good one. it was great for me but it was good. One of the problems I had with it, is that when someone is supposed to be your best friend and you are an adult, I would really expect a little ...
Bitchie's Books
Bitchie's Books rated it 6 years ago
Really cute, but I would have preferred more heat. I guess Harlequin still isn't quite for me.
Liz Loves Books
Liz Loves Books rated it 6 years ago
I found this oddly depressing though well written. The emotions felt much too one-sided and the OW was far too sympathetic for me to really believe the HEA.
Yona's Book World
Yona's Book World rated it 6 years ago
2.5 starsIf I must be honest, this book was a bit pathetic for my taste. Amy loved Quinn for 16 years and stayed silent because she was afraid she was going to lose him but she avoided him, didn't picked up his phone calls, and I just don't see the difference. I didn't like the story, the way the ch...
Bookish Shenanigans
Bookish Shenanigans rated it 7 years ago
A good friends-to-lovers story with a heaping dose of unrequited love (by the h for the H) tossed into the mix. I liked it, but I also thought the characters were kind of...bland. 3+/3.5 for the quality writing and the realistic storyline.
Sarah (The Brazen Bookworm)
Sarah (The Brazen Bookworm) rated it 7 years ago
Not my favorite Mayberry, but a good friends-to-lovers romance nonetheless. I was initially wary of the fact that Quinn was married to one of Amy's good friends - I have a serious aversion to cheating stories and I was worried this one would fall into that category. It's not that type of book at a...
The Only Epikia
The Only Epikia rated it 8 years ago
Don't judge the book by its cover.This may have a embarrassing book cover, I was kinda reluctant to read this first, but I want to read something...ugh...sweet, and you may not even want to read it if you're the type who reads an unknown book if it have a good cover, but hey, like in real life, what...
EeeJay rated it 8 years ago
Okay so here's the beef:I keep complaining about how the HQN books are not 'real' enough. Well, I've been pwned cuz they don't get any more real than this. And that's a problem.BECAUSE:1- When things get too real in books, you feel like it's happening to you.2- Any woman who has ever been in a relat...
salythereader rated it 8 years ago
Her Best Friend is a wonderful book. It combines my favorite theme friends to lovers but also my least favorite one unrequited love. Amy has loved her best friend Quinn since she was fourteen. But then Lisa moved to town and became a part of their trio and it was Lisa, Quinn dated and subsequently m...
Leanne rated it 8 years ago
This story reminded me how much I enjoy the best friends to lovers trope, and when it's paired with a huge dose of unrequited love it packs a double whammy. The steady, life-long friendship between the two was so warm and sweet and totally believable it made me wish I had a buddy like Quinn. I'll be...
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