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Hide and Seek - Community Reviews back

by Cherry Adair
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bookjunkie57 rated it 8 years ago
Hero: Kyle Wright (brother of Marnie Wright from book 2 [b:Kiss and Tell|382415|Kiss and Tell (T-FLAC, #2)|Cherry Adair|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327941045s/382415.jpg|372188])Heroine: Delanie EastmanLooking back the thing that stands out the most for me in this book was Delanie's palpable terro...
Lyndi rated it 9 years ago
Who thought it would be a good idea to take a decent book cover and copy+paste a horse's tail to the back of that poor man's head? Seriously, that's a horrible MSPaint job.
Beanbag Love
Beanbag Love rated it 11 years ago
Oh my. I liked Adair's "Kiss and Tell" even though it was an absurd premise. But this follow-up is so outlandish it almost seems as if the author was picking plot points out of a hat full of suggestions. Mostly, I hated the heroine. TSTL and selfish as the day is long. A lot is made of her taki...
La Crimson Femme
La Crimson Femme rated it 17 years ago
Yet another theme where there are protective siblings. I relate better to this one because I am the oldest who has to protect my two younger sisters. I wonder how people can get into to so much trouble and then their family has to step in to help save them. This was a face read and I'm addicted t...
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