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High Fidelity - Community Reviews back

by Nick Hornby
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KOMET rated it 3 years ago
So far, "HIGH FIDELITY" is one of the most entertaining, laugh out loud funny, and insightful novels I've read this year. Though it must be admitted that the main character, Rob Fleming - a quirky and rather self-centered man in his mid-30s, who is the owner of a record shop in the heart of 1990s Lo...
Hol rated it 4 years ago
I’ve been picking fairly sedate books lately in the hope of not raising my adrenaline levels too high. Weird, right? If my blood pressure reaches 100 or above I may be in danger of being carted off in an ambulance. Just kidding. I’ve just been advised to keep it relaxed for a bit and apparently Nick...
writedrunkeditsober rated it 6 years ago
I first read High Fidelity when I was sixteen and I immediately knew it was my favorite novel. Hornby might not be the most complex writer, but I firmly believe in the value of doing simple things well over difficult things poorly. The amazing thing about High Fidelity is that as far as the plot goe...
BUGGY rated it 6 years ago
Opening line: My desert -island, all time, top five most memorable split-ups, in chronological order:” This is one of those modern classics on everyone’s “to read” list and while it wasn’t my first Nick Hornby book it is the one that everyone talks about so of course I went in expecting to be awe...
TCWriter rated it 6 years ago
I saw the excellent Jon Cusack movie before reading the book (some years ago), but I still like this novel a lot. (Note: I read half this book years ago when a woman I was dating loaned it to me, but I only got halfway through before it ended and I had to give the book back. How apt.)In the book, Ho...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 6 years ago
I loved this book. I picked it up because I greatly enjoyed the film with John Cusack. It was a bit of a shock then when I realized this was set in London, not Chicago, but I soon found myself greatly enjoying the British accent on things, and this was certainly relatable, and both more poignant and...
Don't Panic - Megan's BookLikes
Don't Panic - Megan's BookLikes rated it 6 years ago
This is definitely one of those books that you have to be at a certain point in your life in order to savor it and feel like it was written for you. I think the best time to read it would be in your late 20s/early 30s or at any point in your life when you're freaking out about how little you've got ...
Ana V.
Ana V. rated it 7 years ago
I loved this book. I LOVED it. Again, one of those rare reads that just make you feel so much better about everything around you. And not because the characters were shitty and their life story was worse than yours, but because the characters and the overall plot was so well put together and so well...
philoSophie rated it 7 years ago
my top five most favourite quotes:5-it seems to me that if you place music (and books, probably, and films, and plays, and anything that makes you feel) at the center of your being, then you can’t afford to sort out your love life.4-i'm very good at the past. it's the present i can't understand.3-se...
Musings of a Bibliomaniac
Musings of a Bibliomaniac rated it 7 years ago
High Fidelity is several things at once.It is a specimen of guylit (I just invented the term yes) - romance and single life explained from the point of view of a man. And we have so few of those. It is a humorous reflection on life and its many failings.And lastly, it is the tale of a Brit singleton...
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