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by Brian Wilson Aldiss
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Julian Meynell's Books
Julian Meynell's Books rated it 6 years ago
A very strange book. It feels like, and may have been, written on drugs. It is set in the far future where humans have devolved into tiny green furred creatures. The world is now tidally locked with the sun, and one side is perpetual sunlight.The prose is prosaic but the images are hallucinatory. Th...
Book Ramblings
Book Ramblings rated it 8 years ago
I seldom reread books because there are too many interesting unread books in the world to catch up with but some books just haunt me, demanding to be reread because I have forgotten too many details. I was walking around in a lush garden and I was reminded of this book and felt the need to reread it...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 11 years ago
Sci-fi fantasy read by Gareth ThomasBroadcast on:BBC Radio 7, 12:30am Sunday 14th March 2010Categories:Drama, SciFi & Fantasy
wbebout rated it 11 years ago
How did this win a Hugo? Was there no other competition? The prose in this book was rambling and the direction of the story was....Well, there was no direction to the story. It introduced some weird possible animals bur for all intents and purposes, this book was a flop!
Manny Rayner's book reviews
Manny Rayner's book reviews rated it 46 years ago
Hallucinatory 60s novel, possibly written on drugs, which depicts a far-future Earth in which humans have evolved into tiny creatures who live in a giant forest that covers the globe. Oh, and there are spider-webs that stretch up to the moon... a sort of biological space elevator. Read the book to f...
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