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How to Buy a Love of Reading - Community Reviews back

by Tanya Egan Gibson
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Slightly Off Center Books
Slightly Off Center Books rated it 6 years ago
I LOVED this book. I was so sad last night when I finished reading it, and not only because the ending is tragic.Essentially, this is a modern day Great Gatsby. Not that it's a stretch to come to that conclusion, the book kind of hits you over the head with it. There's so much more to it as well! ...
Boxes of Paper
Boxes of Paper rated it 7 years ago
When Carley Wells's English teacher asks which is her favourite book, she answers "Never met one I liked", inspiring her parents, part of the Fox Glen potlach set, with the perfect way to celebrate Carley's sweet sixteen. They will buy her a love of reading, hiring an author to write a book to her s...
Covered In Rust
Covered In Rust rated it 7 years ago
Sobbing uncontrollably at work while finishing this book is probably really unprofessional.
eli's books
eli's books rated it 8 years ago
I feel like I should re-read the Great Gatsby.
popsiclesinbed rated it 10 years ago
This was a strange book. Did I like it, did I not like it? I got it from the YA section at the AADL, but I think it might have a better audience in the Adult section. Sure, the main character is a teenager, but themes of literary and social classism, pseudo-intellectualism, and the fact that the sto...
rachelruetz rated it 10 years ago
This is not a book that can be easily put down and picked up again. I don't think I've read a book in a long time that needs to be 'chewed and swallowed' quite like this one. Egan's writing is like the treasure in an archeological dig-you have to dig deep to get to it. (And yes, I know exactly how c...
cat's corner
cat's corner rated it 10 years ago
Life in the upper class enclave of Fox Glen is not kind to those refusing to keep up appearances; people who are overweight, academically underachieving, and generally social outcasts. People like Carly Wells. Somehow all of this is still bearable thanks to Carly's love for hard partying, Fitzgerald...
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