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How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - Community Reviews back

by J.C. Lillis
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KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 7 years ago
I have to admit I was not hooked in the first couple of chapters. Seems I don't have luck in the mm romance department. I did not understand Brandon, and Abel did not seem the right guy for a romance interest. I did not feel their chemistry, and besides, Abel was already dating someone else and seem...
books 'n shit
books 'n shit rated it 7 years ago
This book kind of flip-flopped for me from like 2 stars, to 4.5 stars, then back to like... 2.5-3 stars.. so I'm settling on... 3ish. Maybe 2.5. I don't know.This book was kind of cute. It used some terminology that I'm not familiar with that made me feel really fucking old at the ripe old age of (a...
Jenn rated it 7 years ago
So, I have a lot of rambling thoughts about this book that I’m not even sure I’ll be able to put down here – and definitely not coherently. When I initially finished this book, I felt it a solid 4 stars. I LOVED it, except for one area. I’m not a religious person by any means. I went to an all-g...
brandon rated it 7 years ago
Never understood fandom of any sort, still don't. Baffles me. But this book was a gem. Recommended.
jillyreads rated it 7 years ago
So. Fun. I smiled, I laughed, I awwed. I attempted to reach through my kindle to squish Brandon into a hug. Repeatedly. I was brought back to adventurous summer trips from my past and wanted to ride along in the Sunseeker to CastieCon right along with them. Just delightful!
bookishlyanna rated it 7 years ago
4.5 stars
willaful rated it 7 years ago
SWEET TANDOORI CHICKEN HEAD, I loved almost every second of this book! It started out so heartbreaking, but then switched gears to become utterly gleeful -- I hated that it was a book and not a movie I could watch with someone else, while we both chortled and went "hot damn!" Then it went to what I...
Nico Jaye
Nico Jaye rated it 7 years ago
4 stars. Fun and quirky read. Great voice and a YA setting with off-screen sexytimes. Cute fandom concept.
Bookish Shenanigans
Bookish Shenanigans rated it 7 years ago
Sweet and adorable and somewhat angsty, this story just drew me right in and didn't let go. Even though Brandon's angst over his Catholic guilt got a little tiresome by the end, I thought the book as a whole was a lot of fun, and the relationship was adorable to watch. I found myself wanting to liv...
julio-alexi genao
julio-alexi genao rated it 8 years ago
Nothing less than completely marvelous.Full of joy, and humor, and the thing in all of us worth writing about.As close to the story my heart wants to tell as makes no difference.***But that, up there, is not a useful review.let me link you to a one that speaks of the wonders in this miraculous, good...
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