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How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - Community Reviews back

by J.C. Lillis
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Christina rated it 8 years ago
4.5 Stars I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been said in all the 4 and 5 star reviews. All I can add is that this story happily brought out my inner geek and put a big fat smile on face. There was so much enjoyment, from the fandom culture, the road trip, the geeky SciFi love, the enga...
Charmingly Euphemistic
Charmingly Euphemistic rated it 8 years ago
I enjoyed the fandom bits, but got tired of the angst.
jmills01 rated it 8 years ago
Abandoned for the moment with 50% read. I think the main character comes across as being very young. I do love the setting, and the dialogue is witty - I will get back to it eventually!
No Glitter Blown
No Glitter Blown rated it 8 years ago
Holy Shit! That was awesome.No clue what I was diving into when I selected this one for a freaky book group version of Chutes & Ladders. This is just a constant ride through pop culture and crappy teen self-doubt that still manages to be romantic and snarky. Honestly, I wish I'd live this summer adv...
AimeeKim rated it 8 years ago
4.5 stars~This turned out to be such a clever, fun, sweet read!I have seen so many great reviews for this, so I was eager to read this.For the first 40% though, I have to admit I struggled with finding the motivation to continue. Brandon's struggles over his religious paranoia was very hard for me t...
Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* rated it 8 years ago
This was an adorable story. I loved how it showed Brandon and Abel through their whole road trip as they follow the Castaway Planet convention and everything they get up to.Compared to Abel, Brandon is the wet blanket in this story. He's not as adventurous or confident as Abel. He's a sweet, polite ...
elizabetta rated it 8 years ago
There is so much going on in this work: it’s a first love meets coming of age story meets religious upbringing dilemma all whilst celebrating digital fanfic-dom during a cross-country road trip. There are flashes of pure reading joy here: the camaraderie between our MC’s Brandon, Abel and Bec; the ...
Leanne rated it 8 years ago
I loved it. As someone who has squee'ed and plotzed and yes, suffered a few near fatal ovary explosions ((cringe)) on fan forums myself, how could I not love this story, right? But what really tipped this into a 5 star read was not just the quirky silliness but the more serious themes not hinted at ...
Lenore rated it 8 years ago
I can't review this right now because I'm bouncing and squeeing all over the place and exploding into sparkling confetti and little shiny hearts. Had it not been for the religious stuff, I'd had five-stared this book in a heartbeat. It's four and a half stars; four stars for the story and a half sta...
DayDreamer rated it 8 years ago
Very few things make me really mad. Religious brainwashing ruining people's lives for no good reason is one of them. I am not against religion in general. Strike that, I am. I am not against belief is more accurate. I get the social meaning it serves, the purpose it gives to those who need it, the r...
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