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drallapaul rated it 2 years ago
Howard Chaykin tells a serious and pessimistic tale about terrorist attacks on the US and the consequences of such an attack. Using a “Dirty Dozen” type theme, he depicts an awful society with no redeeming or sympathetic characters. With much violence, blood-letting, swearing and sexual scenes, this...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 3 years ago
I'm not sure what the difference is between the Helix imprint and the Vertigo imprint at DC comics, but this is put out by Helix. And I remembered it fondly, but don't think I fully understood this when I read it as a teen. I'm astounded by just how much this packs into one issue. Set in a ...
drallapaul rated it 3 years ago
Joel, a WWII war veteran suffering from PTSD after the liberation for the concentration camps, has spent five years trying to become a writer and discovers that his wife has been leading a double life. As he pursues her across the city, bloodshed and death ensue. Beautifully-produced by Howard Cha...
drallapaul rated it 4 years ago
3 stories about Wolverine and Nick Fury, two involving Scorpio (in this case, Nick Fury's nephew, Mikel) and the other about as gangland boss. The Scorpio stories are about Mikel seeking revenge for the death of his father and about his return to foil a coup in his native country.The stories are qui...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 5 years ago
So, apparently, according to reviews, this was not only brilliant, but about a dude named Reuben Flagg who was going to save America from the ultra-violent, ultra-sexualized, ultra-commercialized hell it had become. The problem was that Flagg himself slept around, and worked for the Plex, which ...
Book Sand Worm
Book Sand Worm rated it 5 years ago
The BasicsThe world has ended, and Superman is the only one left alive in Metropolis. There are huge rodents, mutant humans, and Superman is surprised to discover many of his fellow heroes (and some villains) survived after all in a rebuilt colony. But peace can’t reign forever…My ThoughtsUgh, so ma...
Inkspot Fancy
Inkspot Fancy rated it 6 years ago
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I picked this up relatively quickly after reading the old original run of Iron Fist. On the negative side, the character has changed a little bit... okay, a lot bit in the 30-plus years since he was created. He's less naive about some things, a...
brandonsears rated it 7 years ago
The second volume of Batman: Black & White is much like the first. Editor Mark Chiarello gathers together some of the most acclaimed writers and artists who then produce short stories about The Dark Knight. While I didn’t find the overall experience as strong as the first collection, there were st...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 7 years ago
Bucky Barnes has gone through a lot and now he's paying for some of his time spent as a cold war assassin, now he's in a soviet gulag, with some of the people he put there, pitted against them in games of pit fighting. As his burried memories of his time as an assassin start to resurface no-one is ...
Itinerant Librarian on Books
Itinerant Librarian on Books rated it 7 years ago
This was pretty good. An interesting take on Batman where Barbara Gordon, trust fund child becomes Batgirl and Gotham's heroine with Dick Grayson as her Robin. Bruce Wayne is a penniless cop after his family lost it all in the Great Depression. Sounds great, but the author really puts out a very con...
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