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Hunter - Community Reviews back

by Mercedes Lackey
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Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 3 years ago
When you've read a lot of Mercedes Lackey you know some of the things to expect, an orphan, with secrets, and power. They find romance but it's not going to be easy and there are corrupt officials. This book has a lot of setup for the world and some geeky clothing details. We first meet Joyeaux Char...
Blood Rose Books
Blood Rose Books rated it 4 years ago
In the first in a new series, well known author Mercedes Lackey takes the reader on the journey of a young hunter who travel from her small town in the mountains to the big city to help against the fight with the Othersiders: After the Diseray happened Monsters appeared. The ones from your nightmar...
Purple People Readers
Purple People Readers rated it 5 years ago
First of all, I cannot emphasize enough that I think this book is worth sticking through the first quarter or hundred pages. I only feel the need to bring this up, because I was surprised by the amount of one-star ratings I saw for this book and realized the reason for them was overwhelmingly that ...
Escaping into My Books
Escaping into My Books rated it 5 years ago
I do not really have the time to write an individual review for all of these books, but I can say that the last week has been some pretty solid reading. I had plenty of down time, what with two 5 hour plane rides and a couple days of eating turkey, stuffing and hours of idleness…and finished 3 books...
Shaykitteh's World of Books
Shaykitteh's World of Books rated it 6 years ago
I've been a fan of Mercedes Lackey for years. She does a great job writing in the Fantasy genre, and HUNTER is no exception. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, it's difficult to say what caused the most damage: plagues, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, bombs... or the Breakthrough, which brought the O...
99 problems, and a book ain't one
99 problems, and a book ain't one rated it 6 years ago
I feel so darn accomplished for finally finishing this! Between this cold I've been fighting, Netflix calling it's siren's song, and the rather slow pacing of the first 40% of this book....it's taken me quite awhile to get through it. So many distractions. It became very clear that this is ju...
Libromancer's Apprentice
Libromancer's Apprentice rated it 7 years ago
Once they were considered creatures of fairy tale and myth, then the barriers between our world and the Otherworld were ripped open, and with that tear came magic and beasts of nightmare. Joyeaux Charmand is a Hunter, gifted with magic and a bonding with Otherworld Hounds that allow her to fight ba...
All About Books
All About Books rated it 7 years ago
A truly fascinating book. As a huge fan of Mercedes Lackey, I found I could not put this book down. With an intriguing concept and a fast paced plot, this book has you wanting to figure out what happens next. I sincerely hope that there wi ll be a sequel.
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