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I Can See You - Community Reviews back

by Karen Rose
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Dawn772 rated it 6 years ago
A really good romantic suspense with a captivating complex plot including multiple bad guys and plenty of fast paced chilling action. I liked how the team worked together and following characters in the series. Eve discovers someone from her research project died and works with detective Noah to i...
If wishes were horses...
If wishes were horses... rated it 8 years ago
This is probably Karen Rose's best book, and one of the few I would genuinely recommend to anyone.
BusyMomsBookReviews rated it 9 years ago
Eve has been in the path of two psychotic killers, both of them left scars on her. She moves to a new city, starts school and has her scars removed. Even after changing her life she still has hang ups and doesn't think she is capable of having a relationship. Noah is a detective and a recovering alc...
The Romanceaholic
The Romanceaholic rated it 10 years ago
Overall, I really enjoyed this book.As you can see from the title, it's book 10 in a series of interconnected stories. I've never read any of the other novels, but honestly I didn't realize it was part of a series when I picked it up. Many times, when a series gets past its second or third book, it...
inconceivably rated it 10 years ago
This was a good one! Eve is such a strong character, I've loved her from the beginning. I knew this was going to be her book and I've been excited to get to it. Noah was pretty hunky, I liked him a lot.I liked seeing the bits of Tom, I bet he gets his own book soon! Looking forward to that.It wasn't...
That's What She Read
That's What She Read rated it 10 years ago
"I wasn't quite certain what to expect with this book. The online realm of the book is what intrigued me from the start because of the fact that I have this blog, I got my graduate degree online, and am active in various social networking sites - I know firsthand how easy it can be to disappear into...
mctclover rated it 10 years ago
I loved this one. Loved that Eve and Noah were so damaged, but that they will heal each other together... (eventually *g*). They were definitely not cookie-cutter H/H.
What Were You Expecting?
What Were You Expecting? rated it 10 years ago
Rose is a master at her craft. She's writes an amazing balance of romance and suspense, effortlessly weaving the two together in a spellbinding way. I think as time goes only gets better. This book was definitely a masterpiece. From beginning to end I was completely drawn in.Toward the end I though...
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