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Ignited - Community Reviews back

by Kaylea Cross
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Tami rated it 5 years ago
Not much humor or fun in the story, more over-drawn dramatics. For me this combo rarely works in romance novels. Only point in favor: The heroine was not stubborn and stupid (at least most of the time - there was one or two moments where she tried to be brave and heroic, but mostly she reacted u...
Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 5 years ago
One thing I can say for this: the author seemed to know what she was talking about with this be it the lingo or the action. In truth I was more into the action elements than the romance. And that is why it's only getting three star, because I'm a romance reader and it didn't hold my attention that m...
Princess Eva Rose
Princess Eva Rose rated it 5 years ago
The only redeeming quality of this book is that at least it wasn't rage inducing. Everything else, from the terrible writing to the execution of the story and even the thinly veiled racist overtones was atrocious. The relationship read so force and dialogue between the romantic couple was really u...
marvelloussbooks rated it 5 years ago
4 starsAh, finally found what I was looking for after being disappointed with previous reads. Also, I didn't care much about the romance though so I had no complex thoughts regarding that matter. Next, Book 2!Recommended.
Reading is like breathing...
Reading is like breathing... rated it 6 years ago
4 action-packed stars.****Review completed June 18, 2013Former SEAL and platoon team leader Hunter Phillips is plagued by bad memories after a mission gone awry when he gets a call from Tom Webster, the owner and president of Titanium Security. Tom is short on human resources and he needs the best m...
Feminista rated it 6 years ago
Rating: 3 out of 5.This was a lovely book that I would recommend to people who love romantic suspense novels and alpha heroes.I wish I liked it more, but don't let my rating prevent you from reading this book.Thank you Jill for lending it to me!
figuranta rated it 6 years ago
Straight Shootin' Book Reviews
Straight Shootin' Book Reviews rated it 6 years ago
Kaylea Cross is one of my very favorite authors...everything she writes I LOVE. To say that I was excited about a new series from her would be a MASSIVE understatement. I was not disappointed. I loved Hunter and Gage and the Titanium crew and I cannot wait for more!!! Khalia was a great characte...
Books with Beers
Books with Beers rated it 50 years ago
First reviewed at Red Hot Books http://redhotbooks.com/2013/07/review-ignited.htmlWhew!! I just finished this book and sat down to write the review and my heart is still pumping from the last quarter of the book! If you like your romantic suspense heavy on the suspense, then this is the book for y...
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