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Indigo - Community Reviews back

by Beverly Jenkins
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WhiskeyintheJar Romance
WhiskeyintheJar Romance rated it 1 year ago
I got slammed at work and have been trying to do extra in prep for my vacay to Seattle, I fell way behind in this :( Booklikes is going incredibly slow for me, scrolling through my timeline is painful. Please let me know if I missed anything important! Anyway, Ch 17-end talk................ ...
Ani's Book Abyss
Ani's Book Abyss rated it 1 year ago
Indigo by Beverly Jenkins As a child Hester Wyatt escaped slavery, but now the dark skinned beauty is a dedicated member of Michigan's Underground railroad, offering other runaways a chance at the freedom she has learned to love. When one of her fellow conductors brings her an injured man to hi...
Hol rated it 1 year ago
As there was a recent buddy read of this a lot of people have described the plot, so I won’t go into it much, other than to say the protagonist is Hester, who helps out people who have escaped slavery. At the beginning of the novel she meets and helps Galen, who henceforth becomes an integral part o...
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 1 year ago
As someone who enjoys historical romance, the majority of the books are set in England with titled people meeting and falling in love. As a Lover of Romance (LOR) if I want to read a different setting, time period, etc, I have to look for it. So when a Buddy Read was announced, this was the perfect ...
Locus Amoenus: All By My Shelf
Locus Amoenus: All By My Shelf rated it 1 year ago
I'm so happy I discovered Ms Jenkins! This novel was absolutely amazing, so thanks to my reading buddies here for bringing this author to my attention. Hester's story was heartbreaking and uplifting, and the blend of history and fiction was seamless. I appreciated the fact that the story behind the ...
Abandoned by user
Abandoned by user rated it 1 year ago
This was my first romance by Beverly Jenkins. Set during the immediately pre-civil war era in Michigan, the romance centers around Hester Wyatt, a freed slave, and Galen Vachon, a free man of color from an extremely wealthy New Orleans family. Hester is active on the Underground Railroad, which assi...
Kaethe rated it 4 years ago
Looking to expand my romance reading beyond the narrow offerings when I was a teen, I found Beverly Jenkins name on many lists. And now I know why. She does a marvelous job of combining romance with real history, in a way that meets all the conventions of romance and also deals realistically and ser...
Malin rated it 6 years ago
Hester Wyatt was born as a slave, because her father, originally a free man, sold himself into slavery to be with her mother. When she was born, her mother severed part of her finger to make her more easy to identify, and Hester was found and taken in by her aunt Katherine, who taught her to read an...
Literary Marie's Precision Reviews
Literary Marie's Precision Reviews rated it 9 years ago
Detroit's own Beverly Jenkins never disappoints when it comes to historical fiction. Indigo begins with letters in the Prologue from David Wyatt to Katherine Wyatt. In the letters, David explains how he gave up his freedom and became a slave just to be with the woman he loves. The man chose love ove...
Danielle's Reading Adventures
Danielle's Reading Adventures rated it 11 years ago
This is such a great book. Hester is a seemingly mild-mannered spinster with a peculiar habit of always wearing gloves up to her elbows. It turns out she was an escaped slave from a plantation where indigo was harvested, and has permanent dyeing of her arms and lower legs from working in the fields....
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