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Infinite Days - Community Reviews back

by Rebecca Maizel
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wannawin rated it 4 years ago
I like vampire stories and found this an interesting take on vampire stories. I've never read one where the vampire became human again. I believe this is one of a series and I look forward to more of this story.
The Happy Bibliophile
The Happy Bibliophile rated it 6 years ago
“Evil be he who thinketh evil." And I'm thinking a LOT of evil stuff to say right now. I am a mixed ball of confusion. There are a lot of things that I don't like about this book, but I also have positive ones to hopefully balance it out.First, KUDOS: Lenah and Rhode. Ahh.. a good dose of hist...
Words, Pages, and Books
Words, Pages, and Books rated it 6 years ago
Just when I thought I was getting tired with vampire novels, I stumble upon Infinite Days and basically rediscover why I enjoy vampire books all over again! Infinite Days showed me a whole new world full of magic, danger, and devoted romance that I found refreshing and riveting. Infinite Days starts...
ThePassionateBookworm1 rated it 6 years ago
Infinite days was entirely refreshing. It takes readers back to the days when vampires are EVIL. They may love...and yearn for the human existence, but overall their thirst for blood and mayhem overcomes. Unless they actually do become human again that is...To be honest, I was a bit wary when I star...
Zemira Djedović
Zemira Djedović rated it 6 years ago
My Goodreads friend Stacia was right when she said this book was weird. I can’t even explain how I felt about it. Did I like it or not? I’m really not sure. There were some things that caught my eye but there were some things that made me mad.Let’s start with bad things, since they are easier to rem...
Books and Swoons
Books and Swoons rated it 6 years ago
Review can be seen here on Books and Swoons .My rating: 3 out of 5 starsI first heard about this book through one of my bookish friends on Goodreads and after hearing her rave about how good and well written the book is, I decided to give this book a chance. I really enjoyed the book and found the c...
Megan @ The Book Babe's Reads
Megan @ The Book Babe's Reads rated it 6 years ago
Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.Infinite Days gives us a fresh and new take on vampires. And no, they don't sparkle. (Thank God!) But they do have an aura of...well, death. But not the way your thinking. This novel explains so many things, that no other vampire novel has ever tried to...
Fastidious Reader
Fastidious Reader rated it 7 years ago
This was something new in my eyes, mind and well, everything. LOL! New because Lenah, an old vampire, like 592 years old, wanted to be HUMAN once again. And that is NEW cause most vampire stories have humans who wanted to be turned as a vampire. But this is, uh, the other way around.I liked this boo...
What The Smut
What The Smut rated it 7 years ago
4.5 Stars.
tien rated it 7 years ago
I'm not a fan of the Twilight series and I haven't really found any paranormal (vampire) YA books I truly like, so I started this book with a bit of scepticism. However, I found that I really did like this book. Unfortunately, I didn't realise this was a first book of a series :( D'Oh!!Lenah Bouda...
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