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Enchanted Forests - Katharine Kerr, Lawrence Schimel, Dave Smeds, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Nancy Etchemendy, Jack Oakley, Jo Clayton, Michelle Sagara West, Susan Shwartz, Mark Kreighbaum, Kate Elliott, Teresa Edgerton, Bruce Holland Rogers, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Lois Tilton, Gregory Feeley, Kath
Enchanted Forests
by Lois Tilton (author), Kate Elliott (author), Lawrence Schimel (author), Teresa Edgerton (author), Nina Kiriki Hoffman (author), Bruce Holland Rogers (author), Thomas S. Roche (author), Lawrence Watt-Evans (author), Jo Clayton (author), Kevin Andrew Murphy (author), Katherine Lawrence (author), Connie Hirsch (author), Kate Daniel (author), Nancy Etchemendy (author), Janni Lee Simner (author), Karawynn Long (author), Katharine Kerr (author), Mark Kreighbaum (author), Ken St. Andre (author), Dave Smeds (author), Jack Oakley (author), Susan Shwartz (author), Julia H. West (author), Brook West (author), Barbara A. Denz (author), Gregory Feeley (author), Michelle Sagara West (author)
publisher: DAW publish date: December 1st 1995
format: paperback pages: 368
language: English
ISBN: 0886776724 (9780886776725)
Weird Tales from Shakespeare - Katharine Kerr, Martin H. Greenberg, Brian W. Aldiss, Diana L. Paxson, Charles de Lint, Kate Elliott, Mike Resnick, Gregory Benford, Gregory Feeley, Barbara Denz, Josepha Sherman, Jack Oakley, Mark Kreighbaum, Kate Daniels, Barry N. Malzberg, Laura Resnick, Esther M. Fri
Weird Tales from Shakespeare
by Kevin A. Murphy (author), Brian W. Aldiss (author), Gregory Feeley (author), Mike Resnick (author), Barry N. Malzberg (author), Charles de Lint (author), Esther M. Friesner (author), Kate Elliott (author), Teresa Edgerton (author), Diana L. Paxson (author), Martin H. Greenberg (author), Nina Kiriki Hoffman (author), Laura Resnick (author), Katherine Lawrence (author), Josepha Sherman (author), Dennis L. McKiernan (author), Kate Daniels (author), Barbara Denz (author), Adrienne Martine-Barnes (author), Katharine Kerr (author), Mark Kreighbaum (author), Jack Oakley (author), Lawrence Schmiel (author), Bill Daniel (author), Gregory Benford (author)
publisher: DAW Books Inc publish date: July 1st 1994
format: mass market paperback pages: 320
language: English
ISBN: 0886776058 (9780886776053)
Soldiering with Saint Ignatius, a Thirty-Week Yomp Throuth the Nineteenth Annotation Spiritual Exercises - Jack Oakley
Soldiering with Saint Ignatius, a Thirty-Week Yomp Throuth the Nineteenth Annotation Spiritual Exercises
by Jack Oakley (author)
publisher: G2 Rights publish date: November 11th 2004
format: paperback pages: 136
language: English
ISBN: 1844013650 (9781844013654)
Silence, Exile and Cunning - Jack Oakley
Silence, Exile and Cunning
by Jack Oakley (author)
publisher: Urtext Records publish date: January 23rd 2014
format: paperback pages: 146
ISBN: 1940121000 (9781940121000)
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