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Girl Well Read
Girl Well Read rated it 10 months ago
A special thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Fitch amazed me with Paint in Black. I listened to the audiobook that was read by Jennifer Jason Leigh and it was mesmerizing—Audible cast this book perfectly, Leigh was brilliant and her deli...
Twitchy Witchy Girl
Twitchy Witchy Girl rated it 5 years ago
I'm completely angry at myself for leaving this book unread and on a shelf for as long as I did. White Oleander is one of the most unique and beautifully written books that I've come across.
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!"
Kate Says: "Reading Is Fun!" rated it 6 years ago
This was my first Janet Fitch novel (I haven't read White Oleander yet) and even though the material was dark, I think it was a very important subject to explore.The story begins with Michael's suicide. His suicide represents the despair of not being able to meet his ideals of perfectionism. To me M...
nabilasofia rated it 6 years ago
I disliked the book at first. The prose is too flowery to my taste and the story was rather flat. But at some point in the middle, I started to feel a connection to Astrid. The story itself is great, although it's no fairy tale. I still don't like the flowery words, though, and they often don't soun...
mybookjournal rated it 6 years ago
"The phoenix must burn to emerge."This book was all about this quote - a phoenix (Astrid) who burns and emerges in the end.I came across ‘White Oleander’ by few quotes which I loved, which made me curious to read this book to know what was it about. And then fell in love with it!! I would like to po...
Momster Bookworm
Momster Bookworm rated it 6 years ago
Seductive and intoxicating is what this book is. The descriptive writing and metaphors are sensual and so very beautiful. It draws you in like a warm, comfortable fire on a cold day, and when you get too close and are in danger of getting burnt (from the storyline), you still cannot tear yourself aw...
nouveau rated it 7 years ago
Strong, dynamic work that deserves its solid 4/5. Short of being a "timeless classic" or a work of "great literature," White Oleander succeeds in winning sympathy for a girl swept along by tragedy but finding inner-strength to honestly express who she is. One is convinced, moreover, of the sincerity...
Jenny's Book Bag
Jenny's Book Bag rated it 7 years ago
4 stars
Jenny's Book Bag
Jenny's Book Bag rated it 7 years ago
4 stars
Imagine That
Imagine That rated it 7 years ago
This is Astrid’s story.We meet her first when she is twelve and in Ingrid’s (her mother) care.Ingrid is a woman of such rare, unearthly beauty as to be most likely found in dreams. Fitch describes her through Astrid’s eyes, gradually, poetically, using very sparse language, as the story unfolds, wit...
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