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...Bookfanatic rated it 7 months ago
and I have to admit I'm still feeling a torn about how I feel about this story. I think it's admirable that the author tackled the subject matter that she did and yes, this was a longer than usual story, but, I think it needed to be in order to appropriately deal with the issues. At just over 9 hour...
...Bookfanatic rated it 1 year ago
things went sideways on me and letting go just seemed like the best thing to do... I really enjoyed most of this story it was hella' good...so let's talk about the good and we'll get to the sideways in a bit... Avery Rivers is a star in the country music industry. He's hot and everyone wants a p...
...Bookfanatic rated it 1 year ago
Than why not check out the audio...it seems to be a thing with me. I find that while I'm rarely a fan of re-reading a book because nothing ever changes and for the most part I tend to get bored unless a book is like really, really amazing for me and yet somehow when it's on audio I don't have that i...
...Bookfanatic rated it 2 years ago
'Lost Along the Way' is Marie Sexton's contribution to the 'Curious Cookbook' series and I have to admit that while I like the premise of the story. It just didn't quite work for me and honestly it was due more to the narration than the story. Jeff Gelder was the narrator for this installment of t...
...Bookfanatic rated it 3 years ago
'Honored Vow' is the third book in the series 'Change of Heart' only this time it's not so much hearts that are changing as it is Jin...he's becoming way more than you're everyday, ordinary werepanther and while Logan loves him as much as ever. It's the rest of the world giving Jin the side-eye that...
Tessi4M rated it 3 years ago
It was probably bound to happen at some point. Now it did: I got bored with the sex scenes in a book. Not that they weren't hot, but at some point I did start wondering if maybe the author could have squeezed a bit more of a story in there somewhere between all the getting naked and going at it like...
~~ Elsbeth ❤❤❤ MM-Romance ~~
~~ Elsbeth ❤❤❤ MM-Romance ~~ rated it 4 years ago
- Narrator - Jeff Gelder* 2,5 nekhene stars *I’ve never been so happy finishing an audio!!! But I made it… It’s not that I hated it but dammmmmmn the story was just too complicated for me..I mean… the names Reah, semel, sheseru, wosret, heru-ur, khonsu, Shu, semel-netjer,……But aside from that, I lov...
Lenaribka rated it 5 years ago
Audible2,5 stars.What I liked:* The beginning, it was mysterious and thrilling. Even when I already guessed in what direction the story would go, I found it NOT boring at all. At the beginning.* The flashback. The switching between the present and the past, between Noah's and Clark's POVs let the wh...
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