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bookishwanderlove rated it 4 years ago
**Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove.**"As I plopped down on the bleachers and scanned my new teammates around me, one word came to mind: heaven. I wasn't the tallest girl in the gym for the first time in my eighteen years on earth."It is actually so hard to write a review for this book without...
Musings of the Book-a-holic Fairies, inc. -> RockChickFairy
This book reads like a movie.I actually feel like I've watched a movie like She's the man, Freaky Friday, Lizzie McGuire or A Cinderella story.Don't get me wrong, this book has a way different plot from those movies, but the feeling while and after reading it? Close enough. They make you feel happy ...
Literary, etc
Literary, etc rated it 6 years ago
Grant Madsen and Sophie Taylor have been burned by the same people and they don’t even know it! Both have been recently released from prison and are prepared to put their stint in the system behind; however, the past has a way of catching up. When Sophie meets Grant outside their parole officer’s do...
The Neverending Reader Reviews
The Neverending Reader Reviews rated it 6 years ago
What a roller coaster! Sometimes it seemed like the book would never end and sometimes it seemed too much but having finally completed reading it I appreciate that there was such resolution to the entire story. All the pieces finally fit together and I even shed a tear which hasn't happened in awhil...
CarolOates rated it 6 years ago
Jennifer Lane really knows her stuff when it comes to the world of competitive swimming, a fact that allows her to easily drop the reader into her stories set around the subject.What starts out as a simple college recruitment trip turns into an eye-opening experience for teenager, Abby Donahue. The ...
Amanda Shofner
Amanda Shofner rated it 7 years ago
I read With Good Behavior in a single day, and for a nearly 400 page book, I think that says something about the quality of the book. With Good Behavior was exactly the kind of book I wanted: engrossing, entertaining, and thought-provoking (without being too heavy on the thinking part). I loved ho...
Chapter by Chapter
Chapter by Chapter rated it 7 years ago
This book was one disappointment after another. I’m not talking about the writing or the story, I’m talking about the situations that happen in this book, Streamline. Just when I thought that something else couldn’t possibly go wrong, a turn of the page brought on another horrible incident.The mai...
RefractedLight rated it 7 years ago
Though Streamline is a book with multiple narrators, at its core, this story is Leo’s. Leo is one of those characters that tugged on my heartstrings – grabbing a hold of my sympathies to the point where I just wanted to give the poor kid a hug. A victim of both his father’s physical and emotional ab...
rameau's ramblings
rameau's ramblings rated it 7 years ago
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rameau's ramblings
rameau's ramblings rated it 7 years ago
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