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Deadly Affairs - John J. Smith, Christina Lowe, Brian Fatah Steel
Deadly Affairs
by Brian Fatah Steel (author), Christina Lowe (author), John J. Smith (author)
publisher: Dark Red Press, LLC publish date: January 7th 2012
format: paperback pages: 168
language: English
ISBN: 098404065X (9780984040650)
Delayed Flight - John J. Smith
Delayed Flight
by John J. Smith (author)
publisher: DRP publish date: December 21st 2009
format: ebook pages: 300
language: English
ISBN: 1439209960 (9781439209967)
Past The Patch - Brian Fatah Steele, Jack Lloyd, Jack X. McCallum, H.H. Shullith, C.L. Stegall, John Claude Smith, J.T. Warren, John J. Smith, Sarah E. Adkins, Jonathan Dukestein, Court Ellyn, Matthew J. Leverton, Robert S. Wilson
Past The Patch
by H.H. Shullith (author), Robert S. Wilson (author), Matthew J. Leverton (author), Jonathan Dukestein (author), Sarah E. Adkins (author), Jack X. McCallum (author), Court Ellyn (author), John J. Smith (author), C.L. Stegall (author), J.T. Warren (author), Jack Lloyd (author), John Claude Smith (author), Brian Fatah Steele (author)
publisher: Dark Red Press publish date: October 10th 2011
format: ebook
language: English
ISBN: 9780984040612
Deadly Affairs: A Suspenseful Drama - John J. Smith
Deadly Affairs: A Suspenseful Drama
by John J. Smith (author)
publisher: DarkRedPress publish date: January 4th 2014
format: kindle pages: 131
language: English
Finding Katie - John J. Smith
Finding Katie
by John J. Smith (author)
publisher: CreateSpace publish date: May 8th 2011
format: paperback pages: 294
language: English
ISBN: 1461167892 (9781461167891)
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