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Idol Musings - Sophie N. Childs, Gary Dreslinski, R. Jennifer Aillen, Deb Atwood, Laura J. Begley, John Belden, Darcy Bridges, Nathalie Cassiers, Maria M. Elmvang, Kris Fricke, Alex Lane, Amy M. Levy, Maria Lofgren Coble, Connie Meng, Mattie Mills, Allison Rogers, Ashlee Sandler, Alyce
Idol Musings
by Lin Teachey (author), Sarah L. Gales (author), Charlie Johnson (author), Corrine Wise (author), Bekah Love (author), Nancy Rumboldt-Trzcinski (author), Stacey Love (author), Stephanie C. Johnson (author), Wendy Mason (author), Allie Farrell (author), Kara Cox (author), Erin Mentzer Teachey (author), Alyce Wilson (author), Deb Hisle (author), Lynne Powell (author), Denise Orsini (author), Gena Radcliffe (author), Tracy Angelina Evans (author), Dom Camus (author), Liz K (author), Paul Globocov (author), Misty Kall Franklin (author), Wendy Carson (author), A.D. Gaspard (author), Laura J. Begley (author), Racheline Maltese (author), Kathleen O'Shea (author), Marna Martin (author), Alex Lane (author), Kimberly M. Dillon (author), C.A. Young (author), Tonia M. Christle (author), Sophie N. Childs (author), Gary Dreslinski (author), R. Jennifer Aillen (author), Deb Atwood (author), John Belden (author), Darcy Bridges (author), Nathalie Cassiers (author), Maria M. Elmvang (author), Kris Fricke (author), Amy M. Levy (author), Maria Lofgren Coble (author), Connie Meng (author), Mattie Mills (author), Allison Rogers (author), Ashlee Sandler (author)
publisher: Fey Publishing publish date: December 3rd 2009
format: paperback pages: 644
language: English
ISBN: 0473151006 (9780473151003)
The Ghosts of Wolf Creek - Kimberly M. Dillon
The Ghosts of Wolf Creek
by Kimberly M. Dillon (author)
publisher: PublishAmerica publish date: June 16th 2008
format: paperback pages: 74
language: English
ISBN: 1605639966 (9781605639963)
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