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Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight - Community Reviews back

by Grace Burrowes
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Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 8 years ago
Better than previous book (Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal). Didn't quite have that "something" that the first 4 books did. I will admit I was worried about Joseph's secret(s) (I mean, really?!), but it ended well. I liked the reason behind them and it showed his compassion/kindness/empathy (rare fo...
Sarah's Library
Sarah's Library rated it 8 years ago
9/4 - This was pretty good; not great, not worth returning to the library unread. Louisa and Joseph's affection for eachother wasn't very clear, possibly restricted by the fact that they called eachother Husband and Wife more often than they used eachother's names (how is that romantic?) or any oth...
Ilze rated it 8 years ago
Cute story, but the endless description of the marital bliss of the Windham family's married couples - it seems like there are several dozen of them at this point - was a little gag-inducing and felt suspiciously like filler to me. The sections where the Prince Regent appears as a character are long...
Lady Wesley's Salon
Lady Wesley's Salon rated it 9 years ago
See my review of the series at http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/240638362
JennieBasset rated it 9 years ago
Enjoyed the twists in this one.
Becca's Book Bonanza!
Becca's Book Bonanza! rated it 9 years ago
2.5 stars. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.. it was TOO happy the entire time! I never thought I would miss the angst, but this one had such a lack of it that I do think it suffered a lot for it.
instalove rated it 9 years ago
Grade: DI originally gave this a C---, but after writing the full review, I realized how much it annoyed me.He wasn't unaffected either. There was...tumescence.Burrowes' debut [b:The Heir (Duke's Obsession, #1)|8696975|The Heir (Duke's Obsession, #1)(Windham, #1)|Grace Burrowes|http://d.gr-assets.co...
Blodeuedd rated it 9 years ago
Lady Louisa is finally getting her man, not that she was looking though. All the sisters seem to be happy with what they have at the moment. Let' start.There are secrets, but to be honest, the secrets in this series are all pretty lame. Though I did like her secret, that made sense with her choices....
drey's library
drey's library rated it 9 years ago
Lady Louisa Windham has two worries weighing on her mind as the Christmas season approaches… The first is her marital status – or lack thereof. Not for herself, of course – she can’t imagine being married to some of these boors who think a woman shouldn’t be allowed to think for herself, never mind ...
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