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Mrs. Thornton's Classroom Library
Mrs. Thornton's Classroom Library rated it 10 months ago
With its reading level ranging from K-5, this book is amazing for any classroom! The main character, Nikolai struggles to decide what the right thing to do is. He has many questions throughout the story and when faced with a decision, realizes in the end an important lesson about the present and the...
Musings/Träumereien/Devaneios rated it 12 months ago
(Original Review, 1981-02-24)If you're not familiar with the The Orthodox Church's intricacies, don't bother reading the novel. It might also to understand the social context in which Anna Karenina is set, which Tolstoy doesn't explain because he was writing for fellow members of the Orthodox Church...
Musings/Träumereien/Devaneios rated it 1 year ago
I was standing at an airport lounge as a teenager many years ago, and suddenly realised I had no books to read for my family holiday. I was a SF geek at the time (still am, but I’m reading other stuff now), but had read everything that W.H. Smiths airport bookshelf could show me. In desperation and ...
PSR's Book Blog
PSR's Book Blog rated it 2 years ago
Well, what a strange little book this turned out to be from the master. Is it a good read? Yes, it is. Structured around a series of short chapters and incidents, it's just right for the shot-away modern attention span (surely, the novella is the perfect form for our age?) You know what's coming, al...
The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 2 years ago
The foremost impression I'm left with, since I have the last part very present, is this literary symmetry: Anna takes about sixty pages to come in, by train, and leaves the book sixty pages from the end, also by train (yes, I know, some dark humor).Next, also with the end very present, this sense th...
elenatrintas rated it 3 years ago
wow! how do one review Ana Karenjina! The best of the best! No words to describe! Read it in Russian. Or it is worth learning Russian so one is able to read Russian classics in their native tongue. Ahead of his time Tolstoy is a guru and a revolutionist and a wise man all at the same time. Did you k...
Chris Blocker
Chris Blocker rated it 3 years ago
Most people who know more than the most cursory information about Leo Tolstoy know that he was a bit obsessed with religion. While Tolstoy is most famous for his epic novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina, it was shorter explorations of religion that took up most of his time. Though Tolstoy had gre...
Lillelara rated it 3 years ago
I have to admit, War and Piece intimidated me. The sheer size of it, the huge cast of characters and the fact that is a russian classic (I have that weird prejudice that Russian literature is difficult to read) really made me hesitate to read this book. But since I wanted to watch the BBC miniseries...
Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 3 years ago
4 short stories from three of classic literature's rock stars, all themed for Christmas. O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi - I had just read this in a different collection and as I said there, it's excellent. Short and ironic but absolutely encapsulating the spirit of Christmas. Tolstoy's Where L...
Ellinor's Litventures
Ellinor's Litventures rated it 3 years ago
Never before has it taken me that long to finish a book as it did with War and Peace. I started this work an unbelievable 8 years ago! I didn't read it during all this time, there were long breaks and several attempts to finish it. The main reason why it took me so long was that I had this huge one-...
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