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Les Misérables - Community Reviews back

by Victor Hugo, Norman Denny
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Quite the Wondering Selection
Quite the Wondering Selection rated it 2 years ago
Not bad, but so reminiscent of Great Expectations and similar stories off the 100 Books list. This was, with Jean ValJean much more obvious. Of course he was going to be the 'hero' at the end. So sad for the girl to lose hair, then teeth, then prostitute to give money to the keepers of her child.
Haidji - Books...and...Books!
Haidji - Books...and...Books! rated it 3 years ago
Les MIserables. This book is a masterpiece.It is an incredible story of temptations, redemptions, evil, love; it describes how miserablelife in that era of France was for the common people. A story about real life, with fictional characters creating real people, and the social perspective is as ...
Optimistic and constructive books
Optimistic and constructive books rated it 3 years ago
Optimistic and constructive books
Optimistic and constructive books rated it 3 years ago
In my vacation, over the last two weeks, I visited the birthplace of Victor Hugo in Besançon, his home in Paris where his children were born, and his grave in Pantheon. I also read his “Les Miserables” again, that is 21 years after I read it for the first time in my High School in France, and I was ...
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover
Dang Rover: Cover to Cover rated it 4 years ago
As so many have discovered in the 153 years since it was written, Les Miserables is a triumph. I had heard it called the greatest story ever told. I doubted. I was wrong. It’s a story of redemption and love told through Jean Valjean, one of the greatest characters ever written. THE greates...
La Mala *the mean girl*
La Mala *the mean girl* rated it 4 years ago
I blame my dad.He's been playing that Thenardier character, singing 'Master of the house' for more than two years now.And today, he made us watch The 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Misérables (spoiler alert: IT'S FREAKING AMAZING) , so...I HAVE to read the book.
Cristina T.
Cristina T. rated it 4 years ago
BR with Kayl in February :)Kayl and I have reached the conclusion that this is not for us... And it wasn't for lack of trying, because let me tell you that those first 55 pages were the most excruciating I've EVER had to read! To whomever has read this–Kayl included–I applaud you! I'll just say...
My Reading World!
My Reading World! rated it 4 years ago
هل ثمّة جان فالجان حقيقي أم هو مجرد شخصية خيالية لا نظير واقعي لها؟ هل ثمة من يُسجن ظلماَ 19 عاماً و يرد على معطيات هذه الحياة الظالمة بالخير والتضحية والعطاء؟ هل ثمة من يعطي ولا يهتم بما يُعطى ولا يتأثر روحياً بمدى ما يُؤذى؟ .. عن نفسي فهذا ما أسميه بـ"العظمة الإنسانية" ، عندما البشري يتخطى هذه الم...
~Mairéad's Reading List~
~Mairéad's Reading List~ rated it 5 years ago
***Read for my Classics Challenge***To love, or to have loved,—this suffices. Demand nothing more. There is no other pearl to be found in the shadowy folds of life. To love is a fulfilment.5 Stars.The musical happens to be one that has remained with me for most of my life upon witnessing it for the ...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 5 years ago
The author of the introduction I read in my edition of Les Miserables, Peter Washington, didn't seem to much admire the book or the author. He compared it unfavorably to Tolstoy's War and Peace and claimed that "Les Miserables rambles, there are huge digressions and absurdities of plot, the characte...
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