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Sword of Chaos - Marion Zimmer Bradley, Millea Kenin, Adrienne Martine-Barnes, Diana L. Paxson, Leslie L. Williams, Elisabeth Waters, Mary Frances Zambreno, Dorothy J. Heydt, Lynne Holdom, Phillip Wayne, Susan M. Shwartz, Patricia Shaw Mathews, Lynn Mimms, Terry Tafoya, Aly Parsons, Jan
Sword of Chaos
by Phillip Wayne (author), Susan M. Hansen (author), Jane Brae-Bedell (author), Aly Parsons (author), Lynn Mimms (author), Susan M. Shwartz (author), Lynne Holdom (author), Leslie L. Williams (author), Elisabeth Waters (author), Terry Tafoya (author), Mary Frances Zambreno (author), Adrienne Martine-Barnes (author), Patricia Shaw Mathews (author), Millea Kenin (author), Dorothy J. Heydt (author), Diana L. Paxson (author), Marion Zimmer Bradley (author)
publisher: DAW publish date: April 1st 1982
format: paperback pages: 240
language: English
ISBN: 0879977221 (9780879977221)
Assassin Queen - Leslie L. Williams
Assassin Queen
by Leslie L. Williams (author)
publisher: PublishAmerica publish date: June 1st 2004
format: paperback pages: 157
language: English
ISBN: 1413719449 (9781413719444)
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