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M.J. Carter
Birth date: May 30
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Summer Reading Project, BookLikes Satellite
One of the lesser tropes of detective fiction is that the detective knows he or she is on the right track when some goon appears and tries to warn them off, sometimes violently. The problem with this method of mystery-solving in M.J. Carter’s The Infidel Stain (sequel to the very enjoyable The Stran...
Summer Reading Project, BookLikes Satellite
"Strangler vine" is a common name for several different species of Ficus—what they have in common is that they latch onto a host plant and and use it to climb into sunlight. Sometimes, they kill their hosts. Given than M.J. Carter's novel, The Strangler Vine, is about the British East India Company ...
Hooked on Books
Hooked on Books rated it 4 years ago
4.5 stars I actually liked it primarily because it was set in India. The atmosphere, the characters & natives & historical background of the East India Company, Thugees etc. enthralled me. I'm not sure if this is a stand-alone or going to be a series but I'm hoping for series. It's hard to find a g...
XLeptodactylous rated it 4 years ago
There was nothing particularly terrible about it, except the first person narrative which I am wholly put off by in most cases, and the writing wasn't captivating. It just was very formulaic with obvious anecdotes and phrases and sayings we have read in countless other books. Whilst I'm sure it's a ...
Bloggabook rated it 5 years ago
I just could not get into the story. 88 pages in and nothing was happening. All of the cloak and dagger secrecy didn't pull me in either. The first installment in a tiny book I could hardly hold and the second came as a PDF in an email? Sorry, just didn't work for me.
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