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Portable Monsters
Portable Monsters rated it 1 month ago
Part autobiography, part true crime, and part history of the FBI’s development of criminal profiling, this book kept me absorbed while waiting in line, avoiding chores, and at the ballpark waiting for the game to start. Not only does the author discuss how their theories were developed and tested, h...
chaotic paladin
chaotic paladin rated it 1 year ago
I have previously read Douglas' The Anatomy of Motive, and it quickly became one of my favorites, so I simply had to get my hands on more Douglas. The true crime section of bookstores where I live is scant, but I got lucky visiting my grandparents in Texas and found The Cases that Haunt Us in a used...
Maciej Kulesa
Maciej Kulesa rated it 2 years ago
Dennis Rader, znany jako BTK, Dusiciel BTK lub Dusiciel z Wichita – amerykański seryjny morderca. Zabił 10 osób w miejscowości Wichita w stanie Kansas. Jego „aktywność” została zarejestrowana w latach 1974 – 1991. Nie będę więcej zdradzał, ale warto wspomnieć o tej osobie, bo w serialu Mindhunter wy...
Misericordia rated it 3 years ago
Ok, this is pure wow. The fact that the author doesn't adopt the 'holier than thou stance' so common with law enforcement makes this an extremely enjoyable as well as worthwhile read.Q:In high school, I was already six foot two, which I used to my advantage. Talent-wise, we were a so-so team in a go...
Constantly Moving the Bookmark
Constantly Moving the Bookmark rated it 6 years ago
Retired FBI profiler John Douglas tackles some famous criminal cases “after the fact”. Examining headline -making judgments such as Amanda Knox, The West Memphis Three, JonBenet Ramsey and several others Mr. Douglas draws on his 44-year career to try and explain the phenomenon of false confessions,...
A Book and A Review #2
A Book and A Review #2 rated it 7 years ago
I must admit that I did not like this book as much as I liked all of Douglas' other books. I found it to be much more based on opinion versus his others particularly his "profiling" books. The book almost came across as his swan song which, if this is the case, has me very sad. Douglas is probably m...
Bookivorous rated it 7 years ago
Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand criminal profiling. Especially eery because Douglas' analysis of Timothy McVeigh, who set off the Oklahoma bomb exactly matches the personality of Anders Breivik, who bombed and shot 84 people in Norway last year.
digitaltempest rated it 8 years ago
This book is essentially written by John Douglas. I’m not sure what Mark Olshaker’s contribution to the book was, unless Douglas was giving him credit due to the research they’d done together. This book basically goes into details about the movtives, behavior, etc. of serial murders, rapists, career...
All the Time in the World
All the Time in the World rated it 8 years ago
Interesting read. This guy was at the heart of the development of the profiling unit of the FBI, and reading about how he developed his techniques for understanding the mind of a serial killer (largely a process of semi-educated trial and error) was pretty fascinating. I don't know how much his co...
November News 2014
November News 2014 rated it 9 years ago
Amazing masterpiece of clinical diagnosis by the FBI's legendary mindhunter. Highly recommended to those writing crime novels of any kind.
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