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by Evangeline Anderson
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Book Hoarders Anonymous
Book Hoarders Anonymous rated it 7 years ago
Meh, more of a 2.5. I skimmed a lot, mostly because the whole premise made my skin crawl.So ok, the best way to describe the premise is, you have a good twin/bad twin set-up. The bad twin keeps conning the good twin into switching places. You know... I'd move. To another city, maybe even anothe...
Nikki from Co2BL
Nikki from Co2BL rated it 8 years ago
This is a short erotic read. It was decent enough if not a little cheesy at times. It did have a mini plot but was mostly fluff. Very erotic! ;) The characters were well written, but since it was so short, there wasn't a lot of build up. I liked Mark and the ending was sweet!
One Book Away From an Episode of Hoarders
Sweet little smutlette
Karma♥Bites’s Mercurial Reads
Karma♥Bites’s Mercurial Reads rated it 8 years ago
Cute little story
bookjunkie57 rated it 8 years ago
Both cute and steamy. I like it a lot.
Cassandra Reads
Cassandra Reads rated it 8 years ago
I really wanted to slap all of them. Nothing else to say really.
Aelli rated it 8 years ago
Since it's so short, I decided to finish the story. 2 stars under doubt. Lousy plot, uninspiring sex, writing ok.And also, not a BDSM romance.
Creative Deeds Reads
Creative Deeds Reads rated it 8 years ago
This was a fun read. I totally didn't expect a book about a dominatrix switching places with her twin sister to turn into a sweet love story. Who knew? Short, sweet and hot... perfect for a quick afternoon read.
Julie - Read Our Lips!
Julie - Read Our Lips! rated it 8 years ago
Chloe is a the timid twin, the complete opposite of her outgoing sister, Zoe. So when Zoe asks Chloe to fill in at her work due to an emergency, Chloe has her doubts, especially when Zoe confesses she’s actually a dominatrix.Caught in the whirlwind of the moment, Zoe thrusts Chloe into some thigh-hi...
Curse of the Bibliophile
Curse of the Bibliophile rated it 9 years ago
Sweet and Sexy Romance!I loved this story the characters were intriguing and had depth to them even with this being a free read. There were some very sweet tender moments as well as very steamy scenes that kept me anxious for more. There is a bit if a surprise as well that turned out to add a bit o...
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