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Mr Mercedes - Community Reviews back

by Stephen King
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Portable Monsters
Portable Monsters rated it 3 years ago
Well plotted and plausible thriller, but as usual with King’s books, it was the characters and their individual stories that drove me on through most of the book. The “what happens next” takes the co-pilot seat in the last third of the book, turning into a real nail-biter at the end. King’s genius...
Fiction Fantastic
Fiction Fantastic rated it 3 years ago
First of all can I just say that I'm so done with listening to older guys getting way too into awkward sex scenes when narrating audiobooks... I wasn't that great of a fan of the narrator in the first place and after that it just got really painful. Will Patton drawled his way through this and while...
DanySpike rated it 3 years ago
Although the ex-detective is an idiot who apparently forgot all about procedure and common sense, the other characters were smart and helpful, and I liked them a lot. The middle of the book lagged a bit, but the beginning and end were really engaging. Four stars! 
Lindsay's Book Log
Lindsay's Book Log rated it 3 years ago
A Mercedes plows through a group of job seekers killing 8 and injuring many, but the driver is never caught. For now retired detective, Bill Hodges, life has been so empty he’s been thinking about eating a bullet when he gets a letter from the driver. Now Bill, with a new zeal for life, is back on...
runner rated it 3 years ago
Retired Detective Bill Hodges is being terrorized by Brady Hartfield who happened to murder some 8 innocent people at the wheel of a stolen Mercedes. He was never apprehended and in this cat and mouse thriller makes every waking day a nightmare for RD Hodges. The problem I have with this story is th...
LindaLeest rated it 3 years ago
Ondanks dat je meteen al weet wie het heeft gedaan, is dit boek vanaf de eerste bladzijde spannend. Het wisselt van POV, wat ik - vooral bij thrillers - erg fijn vind om te lezen; dat houdt het tempo hoog. Vooral het POV van Brady vond ik leuk, zo'n geflipte jongen..Het einde vond ik wel een beetje...
learn by going
learn by going rated it 3 years ago
Reading a King novel has become an annual thing for me the past few years. Previously I read a couple gigantic "classics" (It and The Stand). This time I went for something more recent: the first book in what's become the Bill Hodges trilogy, Mr. Mercedes. A detective thriller rather than horror, th...
AudioBook Junkie
AudioBook Junkie rated it 3 years ago
I don't know how any reader could not love Stephen King. This was far from the normal for him, yet not stretched. Just like with many of his novels, I found myself chuckling throughout. His sense of humor and delivery is always perfect. He's not pretentious, doesn't get caught up on vocabulary...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 3 years ago
Synopsis: In the frigid pre-dawn hours, in a distressed Midwestern city, desperate unemployed folks are lined up for a spot at a job fair. Without warning, a lone driver plows through the crowd in a stolen Mercedes, running over the innocent, backing up, and charging again. Eight people are killed; ...
From the comfort of my sofa
From the comfort of my sofa rated it 4 years ago
I put off reading this book because I wasn't sure whether my expectations of a Stephen King novel would fit with a pure thriller -ie no horror, supernatural, time travel or post-apocalyptic event. However, I wish I had read it earlier, I loved it. It is Stephen King's style that I love and this, f...
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