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My Sister, the Serial Killer - Community Reviews back

by Oyinkan Braithwaite
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Freda's Voice
Freda's Voice rated it 2 years ago
What a cool read!I'd never been to Nigeria in books before. I found the setting very colorful, what was described anyway... was mostly attire.I really liked the characters, although I was frustrated at times by Ayoola's foolish and flirtatious manner. I can just imagine how her sister felt.The story...
Reading All Night
Reading All Night rated it 2 years ago
Even though this was not exactly what I was expecting , I still really enjoyed it to the point that I flew through it. Now it is on the shorter side , but I put aside other books I was reading just to finish it. Starting out I was expecting it to be more like [book:My Lovely Wife|39796904] or the [b...
Kenny Loves to Read
Kenny Loves to Read rated it 2 years ago
This was a quick and easy read. I loved its contemporary setting and unabashed display of a Nigerian society I actually recognise. As much as I appreciate all the renowned African literature set in politically charged times or civil unrest, it was refreshing to read a thriller based in an upper midd...
Words of a Bibliophile
Words of a Bibliophile rated it 2 years ago
Set in present-day Lagos, Nigeria, this deliciously dark comedy is a tale of two sisters. Our narrator is Korede: responsible big sister, not considered attractive, used to protecting her sister and cleaning up her mess. Then we have Ayoola: spoiled brat of a little sister, reckless, used to getting...
Carmilla Reads
Carmilla Reads rated it 3 years ago
A funny, charming and sometimes suspenseful book. Korede's narrative voice is strong and unique. Braithwaite brings all her characters to life (even the dead ones) and guides us expertly through fierce loyalty to petty arguments. I read it in two sittings. Had I started earlier yesterday it would ...
Kat's Books
Kat's Books rated it 3 years ago
This is a short stunner of a book and it's hard to believe that this is a debut novel. It's that good.Set in the vibrant, noisy, dense city of Lagos, Nigeria, Korede is always cleaning up after her younger sister Ayoola, who is self-absorbed, entitled, and by most people's accounts, beautiful - at l...
Tannat rated it 3 years ago
This is one of the times that I'm glad I took a chance on a book I saw floating around my dashboard. The audio is great, and I had a lot of fun with the sisterly relationship in this one, which basically consists of loyalty while still not really liking each other. I mean, Ayoola understandably exas...
Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 3 years ago
I was pretty sure I knew what I was getting myself into when I picked up this book. It is called MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER, after all, and I wasn’t disappointed! This is a tale of two sisters bonded by sisterhood, an abusive childhood and murder. One sister is the beautiful, flighty one. The ot...
Mike Finn
Mike Finn rated it 3 years ago
"My Sister, The Serial Killer" both is and is not what the title and the cover would lead you to expect. It is a book set in Lagos about two sisters, the younger of whom, Ayoola, has, by the start of the novel, already killed three men and the older sister, Korede, has always helped clean up the m...
Joelle's Bibliofile
Joelle's Bibliofile rated it 3 years ago
Some readers will be attracted to My Sister the Serial Killer due to its captivating cover, others will automatically be drawn in by the compelling words “serial killer” in the title. Still others will be curious about a book written by a new author who has received many positive reviews. Regardle...
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