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Konnici na Liriite - Chevalier Du Lys
This tie-in novelization didn't brought anything that the movie (the old one) didn't show with the sole exception of the inbetween journal entries every fifty pages, or so.The book didn't gave any character any more characterization than the movie.As I said, the only good thing was the journal entri...
Konnici na Liriite - Chevalier Du Lys
This was a weak anthology of stories (in my opinion).Maybe to someone else they will do nicely. To me, not so much.Most of them are quite bland - leading nowhere. Most of them have a post-apocalyptic feel to them but are too absurd for me. Maybe this was te premise of that movement. Nevertheless the...
kristenrenn rated it 9 years ago
I really like these collections - here are some of my thoughts on the stories in this volume that stuck out in my mind (wow, it's hard to say much about short stories without giving spoilers)Even the Queen by Connie Willis - there was a lot of humor in this one, I liked it a lot.Two Guys From the Fu...
Tower of Iron Will
Tower of Iron Will rated it 10 years ago
In the far future animals have evolved into humanoid forms. Nice science fantasy adventure story. I read the last book first and still enjoyed it.
Sliding Fingers
Sliding Fingers rated it 23 years ago
I wish we had 1/2 stars on GoodReads just for situations like this one here. No, I don't want to rate it 1 1/2 stars. I want to rate it 1/2 stars. Actually, if it was possible, I want to rate it zero stars. The humor is forced. The main character is completely unlikable. A boring disagreeable wast...
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