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NIV Gift & Award Bible, Revised - Community Reviews back

by Anonymous
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GOMER rated it 4 years ago
"The impassioned reviews are sillyThe bad reviews are sillyIt's the Bible, significant historical documentIt's unrateable"
Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 5 years ago
I wasn't going to review the Bible. I wasn't ever going to review the Bible. For one thing, it's a very politically charged move to make. For another, I've probably only technically read maybe less than 10% of the whole thing. A few verses here and there and the entire book of Esther does not a comp...
Ironic Contradictions
Ironic Contradictions rated it 6 years ago
This review will likely not change any opinions about this book. It will perhaps give anyone interested a look into my particular worldview. Disagree with me all you like, for my worldviews are based simply upon questioning, reading and attempting to understand the world according to scripture and o...
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 7 years ago
Archer's Asylum
Archer's Asylum rated it 7 years ago
Self contradictory, Inflammatory, Racist, Sexist, Boring, Fundamentally Flawed, Full of rape, violence, incest, spousal abuse, slavery... I have nothing nice to say about this book, except that some of the prose and the concept of it is OK. The poetry and fables of the Qu'Ran, whilst no more believa...
ijanderson1 rated it 7 years ago
I have studied and read parts of the Bible throughout my life. However, I was never able to read the Bible from beginning to end. I failed each time I tried. I had even tried various Bible reading plans. I think what I lacked at that time was commitment. Well last year about this time I tried a...
Xdyj's books
Xdyj's books rated it 8 years ago
It has some boring bits (repetitions), disturbing bits (genocides, slavery, torture), arguably "un-PC" bits (homophobia, misogyny, anti-science sentiments etc., which are actually quite rare & unimportant despite what fundamentalists & "new atheists" say, & mostly can be seen as fair for its times),...
~Sandee*Stuck in Wonderland~
~Sandee*Stuck in Wonderland~ rated it 8 years ago
The best book ever written.
The Review Man
The Review Man rated it 14 years ago
This isn't a 4-star work; it's a 4-star translation.The NIV is basically the standard Biblical translation. I suspect the vast majority of people use it today (the King James having likely fallen out of favour with the younger crowd), and it stands up to such scrutiny. It is, of course, not without ...
Kaethe rated it 39 years ago
There's a reason why Christians love to recite verse: taken out of context, much of this is compelling and insightful and beautiful. In context, however, it's a big old mess. It is exactly as if people had picked up a bunch of random writings written by different people at different times and tried ...
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