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Nor Iron Bars a Cage - Community Reviews back

by Kaje Harper
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Paradoxically rated it 8 years ago
AAAWWWWW. I really enjoyed the story and romance here, and I also loved how cantankerous the MC is, as I am a bit cantankerous, myself. READ IT!READ IT NOW!That is all.
Trix rated it 8 years ago
What a lovely little gem of a story! Enjoyed it through and through!I was totally captivated by Lyon, by Tobin, by the story itself. I thought the characters were believable and took a liking to them almost immediately. And the plot... it just kept me hooked right till the end. And when I reached th...
Quirky Musings
Quirky Musings rated it 9 years ago
Truly, utterly and deeply romantic; the best thing about this book would have to be their relationship. Such genuine and delightfully real and endearing characters with a romance that charmed me right down to My toes. Tobin was absolutely amazing with his unending devotion, patience and love. One of...
Breann rated it 9 years ago
3.5 starsThis was especially hard for me to rate - and to review, I might add. I adored Lyon and Tobin. They were wonderful together, so sweet and loving. While I loved them, I was just so bored through parts of this book.Lyon , who is a hermit, barely speaks to anyone and can’t bear to be touched, ...
Feliz Faber
Feliz Faber rated it 9 years ago
4.5Beautiful hurt-comfort, two adorable mc's, a fantastic, magical fantasy story.Not to be missed!
AnnaLund2011 rated it 9 years ago
First of all, that was exactly what I needed: magic, sorcery, good and evil. And boys, beautiful boys. Second, this story was born into the fantastic happening that is Love Has No Boundaries within the m/m romance group over on Goodreads 2013, and for an author to write an epic story like this one...
Affairs of M/Men
Affairs of M/Men rated it 9 years ago
My favorite of LHNB so far. This was incredible and perfect and just up my alley. I want a sequel!!!!
Catchy Title
Catchy Title rated it 9 years ago
Amazing fantasy adventure entry from someone not known for that sub-genre. Damaged hero embarks on a quest to save his nation and uses his wits and knowledge to save himself as well. It's also a romance so of course he finds everlasting happiness with his one true love. It's long because there are ...
Mark Wills ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
...and now for something completely different. A different read for me as this was my first foray into fantasy and a different kind of story for Kaje Harper compared to her previous works to date.I was a little sceptical about this story first as I haven't tried fantasy in the M/M genre to date. I L...
Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 9 years ago
Some things about this ancient tridescant business makes me suspect it's based vaguely off of Chinese, especially the talks about pitch and inflection and those sample phrases Lyon had the Secondmage person try out, which I can see potentially actually happening with someone attempting to pronounce ...
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