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Nothing to Be Frightened Of - Community Reviews back

by Julian Barnes
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moving under skies
moving under skies rated it 4 years ago
Most personal nonfiction is addressed clearly outwards; as if the writers need the assurance of public eyes to validate their experience. One thing I quite liked about this book was how internal it was: it's like eavesdropping on a conversation Barnes is having with himself, attempting to console hi...
Ana V.
Ana V. rated it 5 years ago
This is NOT going to be a review of the book, because ... I don't even know why I can't review this book. I can just talk about my own experience of it. Just this time, I promise. I am so afraid of death that it cripples me. That sounds so pompuos, but it's true. I am afraid of death, because it nev...
Ms. Margie
Ms. Margie rated it 6 years ago
I wouldn't have read this except that Dawn recommended (and loaned) it to me. The idea of prose/essay about death does not appeal.But I enjoyed the book. It was thoughtful and witty and literary. It's also rambly, but our thoughts about death are rather rambly, aren't they? They can't be conclus...
koloplet rated it 6 years ago
Autobiografija, porodična istorija, veliki esej o smrti - sve to odjednom. Štivo koje piše Barns, šezdesetneštogodišnji starac, uplašen od smrti. Veliki esej o smrti, religiji i umetnosti, provučen kroz mnoge primere iz književnosti, naročito francuske (Renara, najviše) ali i iz drugih umetnosti (sl...
madbkwm rated it 7 years ago
I really enjoyed The Sense of an Ending and stumbled upon this book in the library and thought it would be lovely to read Barnes' thoughts on death. Unfortunately, he really only has about 100 pages worth of thoughts on death, but felt the need to extend this book to a full 243 pages. There is so ...
A little tea, a little chat
A little tea, a little chat rated it 7 years ago
Yawn.I need a new shelf. Started but discarded.This is the first Barnes I've read (and that is more or less all of them) and haven't liked. It may not be autobiographical, but it is horribly close and he just isn't interesting. He isn't, his brother isn't. Nor are his parents or grandparents. Even w...
spocksbro rated it 10 years ago
It takes 185 pages (in my edition) but Julian Barnes finally manages to define what “life” means to him: “a span of consciousness during which certain things happen, some predictable, others not; where certain patterns repeat themselves, where the operations of chance and what we may as well call fo...
Mark Books
Mark Books rated it 10 years ago
Barnes is an incredible thinker and an incredible author. In Nothing to Be Frightened Of he weaves his personal experience and the experience of French and British writers and thinkers into a long meditation on death - a great topic if like me you find that awareness of your own eventual expiration ...
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