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Oath of Gold - Community Reviews back

by Elizabeth Moon
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suzemo rated it 7 years ago
The final book of the Deeds of Paskenarrion series, this covers Paks from the time she left Fin Panir, a "coward" unable to face anything and finds herself back with Master Oakhollow in Brewersbridge. We then get to go along with her adventures with the elvish and other adventures as she evolves in...
MargaretBolingMullin rated it 7 years ago
12/25/13 ** I absolutely can't believe that this book is not part of my GoodReads collection. I seriously don't know how many times I've read it. As part of my "get ready to travel" routine, I looked for books to download from my library's ecollection, and I realized that there is a new book out i...
Pauline's Fantasy Reviews
Pauline's Fantasy Reviews rated it 8 years ago
Fantasy Review BarnThis is the third in the ‘Deed of Paksenarrion’ trilogy. The first described how Paks left her home to become a mercenary in Duke Phelan’s company, and was a very down-to-earth story of a soldier’s training and campaigns. The second book saw Paks take off on her own and be sucked ...
Xdyj's books
Xdyj's books rated it 8 years ago
I doubt if there's anything in this series that haven't been done before, but it's overall quite a fun to read, has characters that read like real ppl & doesn't contain a lot of cringe-inducing moments like those in The Wheel of Time etc.
Just One More Page
Just One More Page rated it 8 years ago
Fantastic ending to a well written epic trilogy. I am sad it is over and the narrator did a great job too.
Debbie's Spurts
Debbie's Spurts rated it 9 years ago
This reader's personal opinion, ©2012, all rights reserved.* Paks is back in this one. Action progresses without all the murky D&D-ish running around blindly in underground passages or mountain trails that really plagued my last nerve in last book. Author's writing and the characters elevate it abo...
The Moment Stealer
The Moment Stealer rated it 9 years ago
Bless this book, it was brilliant. The past two books were fairly lukewarm for me -- great action and emotional segments peppered with many boring scenes and far too much exposition. By the time the third book rolls around, though, the exposition is less and we finally get to the meat of things. I s...
book reviews forevermore
book reviews forevermore rated it 9 years ago
Very good, brought the series together wonderfully (almost as if it was fated); I just could have done without the Aslan scene near the end. You know the one, the Giant Metaphor Scene. It became a little too Epic. Loved the character development and the deeper insight into the lives of the citizen...
Tina's Reading Books
Tina's Reading Books rated it 10 years ago
Final book in the Deed Of Paskenarrion original trilogy. After the events of the last book, Paks is at an all time low. She returns to the town of Brewersbridge where she spent so much time after leaving the Duke's Company. But even though people there would know her and welcome her, she still sh...
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