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On Beauty - Community Reviews back

by Zadie Smith
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Words of a Bibliophile
Words of a Bibliophile rated it 2 years ago
As a modern adaptation of Howards End, for which I only gave 2 stars, I surprisingly liked this a little better than the original. The plot and characters aren't exact parallels—there are feuding families here too, the Belseys and the Kippses, but the main story focuses on the interracial Belsey fam...
Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 4 years ago
Howard Belsey is an Englishman abroad, an academic teaching in Wellington, a college town in New England. Married young, thirty years later he is struggling to revive his love for his African American wife Kiki. Meanwhile, his three teenage children— Jerome, Zora and Levi—are each seeking the passio...
bookwookiee rated it 5 years ago
All hail Zadie Smith!
Kinga's Books
Kinga's Books rated it 6 years ago
Before we talk about Zadie Smith, let’s talk about me first. Here is something you should know – I was a serious book-worm up until I turned 16 (more or less) at which point I lost all interest in anything that wasn’t parties, boys, alcohol, drugs or sex. There, I said it. For the next five years my...
Peculiariteas rated it 7 years ago
Oh man, what a book. It seems to be one story but it's so many more.
rainontheroad rated it 7 years ago
Just like 'White Teeth' this seems to be one of those books that some people love ardently and others hate intensely. Chances are that if you enjoyed 'White Teeth' (like I did) you would probably not enjoy 'On Beauty'. 'On Beauty' is really well written and the author's display of observational writ...
JulieM rated it 8 years ago
On the surface, On Beauty is about two families, the Belseys and the Kips. Both are academic families with the fathers holding positions as professors - Howard Belsey at a Boston college and Monty Kip in the UK. Not only do they differ in their opinions of art, they are radically opposed on the po...
truepenny rated it 9 years ago
As I read the first few chapters of On Beauty, it struck me as very similar to Howard's End, a book I had only just finished. Strangely, it is in fact inspired by Howard's End, and it is intriguing how Smith brings such a British classic - which deals heavily with class, ideology, and gender in earl...
Casual Debris
Casual Debris rated it 9 years ago
On Beauty is at times enjoyable but as it is overall inconsistent it is also at times quite dull. I found myself quickly skimming past certain sequences, character descriptions or internal meanderings, wanting to get to the two threads I did enjoy: Levi and Zora. These two characters were interestin...
Reading Adler's List
Reading Adler's List rated it 10 years ago
Having never read Howards End I’m sure I missed most of the parallels Zadie Smith was trying to achieve with On Beauty. But I could appreciate her discerning take on personal relationships. Smith follows the dynamic of a self-conscious liberal household in an upper middle-class East Coast universi...
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