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Perfume - Community Reviews back

by Patrick Süskind
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Lillelara rated it 4 years ago
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, born amongst fish offals, is a peculiar child. He has an extraordinary sense of smell, yet he himself doesn´t have a smell of his own. As Grenouille becomes older, he gets more and more obsessed about the smells surrounding him and as time goes by there is only one thing he...
Bücher unter dem Mond
Bücher unter dem Mond rated it 4 years ago
Foi o pior livro que li em minha vida, definitivamente. O começo foi incrível, a premissa realmente é muito boa e criativa, mas o desenvolver da história foi péssimo. A partir do capítulo dez a coisa ficou bem chata, o personagem começou a agir de forma ridículo e sem noção. Esta história poderia te...
A Throne of Books
A Throne of Books rated it 5 years ago
4/5 stars This book. Wow. I started off wanting more than anything to love it, looking past any of the little things that bugged me. Suskind wrote in long sentences. At times he seemed to lose his train of thought only to hurriedly finish the thought at the end of a daunting sentence. He also would ...
Words, words, words
Words, words, words rated it 6 years ago
Groveling, repulsive husk of a man with exceptional nose but no body odour butchers virgin women in the attempt to turn them into perfume, is caught and released due to having driven the people of France to orgiastic adoration, decides there's no space for joy in his blackened heart and returns to P...
Khanh the Killjoy
Khanh the Killjoy rated it 6 years ago
I was predisposed to love this book no matter what. I love perfumes. The fact that this book had blood and murder was just a bonus. For me, perfumes and scents are a visceral thing. I love perfume. I have never been a visual person, my memories are composed of layers of scent. I remember as a chil...
Bambbles Rambles
Bambbles Rambles rated it 7 years ago
I sort of stumbled into this book. I don't normally read whatever genre you would call this, so I went in with a little trepidation. I like plot driven novels more than character driven, and unfortunately this falls mostly in the latter. There were times when Grenouille was doing something that I wa...
death in books
death in books rated it 7 years ago
Najidealinija ocjena bi bila 4.5. Ne mogu se odlučiti između 4 i 5, ali biće 5, jer je bilo savršeno, bez zamjerke.
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 7 years ago
I wanted to take a shower after reading this book--it is seriously, seriously creepy. About a serial killer stalking virgins for their essence to create the perfect perfume, the novel is filled with fantastic touches and the simply bizarre. All in all, I have to admire the way the author vividly c...
Book Minx
Book Minx rated it 7 years ago
Maybe it was just the time period this story is set in but at times it reminded me of Sweeney Todd. Just without the random song outbursts and with a main character who was extraordinarily creepy in his complete lack of humanness. It's the extreme lack of humanity in Grenouille that is what made thi...
Garden-of-Stars rated it 7 years ago
(God I haven't written reviews in 3 years and just got back to doing them, and hopefully I'll continue doing them after reading this book)I really enjoyed this, no, scratch that - I loved it. It was bizarre yet beautiful, unexpected and a little disgusting in a few places although that's because the...
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