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Piercing - Community Reviews back

by Ryū Murakami
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nouveau rated it 7 years ago
exciting and well-written, a peak into mental disturbance and body-cutting. not for bourgeois motherf---ers like you
Bloody Shambles
Bloody Shambles rated it 8 years ago
This is a stunningly good book that mixes visceral and disturbing psychological landscapes with an extremely intelligent, almost farcical story structure. I have never read anything quite like it.The two main characters (and there really are only two characters in this rather short book) are both ac...
simmo rated it 9 years ago
Kawashima has a nice life now, but decides that he needs to kill someone to prevent himself from hurting his family. After much planning he sets in motion to kill a S&M prostitute. Chiaki has other ideas! Both characters are broken by their past demons, both are very likeable and completely misunder...
The Book Devourer
The Book Devourer rated it 9 years ago
I REALLY liked the start and middle of this book and had the ending been better, I would have given it 5 stars. Now I'm hovering somewhere around 4.25. I liked how the characters were BOTH deeply flawed, but I expected the ending to be a bit more of what I've come to expect from Murakami, which is t...
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 9 years ago
I can't figure out if Piercing is horror or dark comedy, probably both. The novel concerns a man who fights a compulsion to stab his infant child with an icepick. (Did I lose you already?). He fights that compulsion with a logic that is perfectly sane for a man who is insane, Go stab someone else. B...
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