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Plum Lovin' - Community Reviews back

by Janet Evanovich
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bookjunkie57 rated it 8 months ago
Stephanie Plum, Book 12.5 I Picked Up This Book Because: Continue the series The Characters: Stephanie Plum: Diesel: Grandma Mazur, Lula, Connie, Tank, The Story: I’m not sure how I feel about these between the number books. Barely and Joe or Ranger, Diesel is questionable, little action and St...
ML's Red House Reviews
ML's Red House Reviews rated it 3 years ago
The in between novellas in the Stephanie Plum series, aren’t exactly crucial reading, although it would have helped me to better understand Diesel’s character if I had read Visions of Sugar Plums (Stephanie Plum #8.5) first. I knew that he was a character from another series by Janet Evanovich, but ...
Denise rated it 7 years ago
The last Between-the-numbers book from this series I hated but luckily I found this one to be much better. In this one the whole supernatural thing with Diesel was more interesting than the last time. I loved seeing Stephanie try her best at being Cupid. I was pleasantly surprised by this book.
Shelly's Book Journal
Shelly's Book Journal rated it 9 years ago
Stephanie Plum gets a visit from Diesel, the supernaturalish being from the "Visions of Sugar Plums" novella. This time, the theme is Valentine's Day - and there are 5 people who have been looking for love through a skip of Stephanie's - Annie Hart. Annie is an associate of Diesel's and is in hidin...
Barbara1951 rated it 10 years ago
Definitely cute. And definitely better than "Visions of Sugar Plums." And Kloughn and Valerie get married.
Spotted Ewe
Spotted Ewe rated it 11 years ago
This was my first between the numbers book I read and I'm a bit disappointed. There wasn't much suspense, intrigue or even much Lulu. How can she be Stephanie's sidekick if we don't see her until the end of the book?I'm glad this wasn't my introduction to Stephanie Plum, if it had been I don't thin...
The Night Owl
The Night Owl rated it 11 years ago
This one is second in the Stephanie Plum In-Between-The-Numbers Series. I don’t really get the In-Between-The-Number series, but it seems that they are relatively short stories just to whet the fan’s appetite. I audio this one and it was only 3 CDs. In this one Stephanie plays part detective and par...
CJ the Book Peddler
CJ the Book Peddler rated it 11 years ago
It was a between the numbers book so it was short and cute and funny.Not much to be said really. They don't need to be read but if you're waiting for the next book to come out if you really would just like a change between the Joe/Ranger in your face decisions, then you read this and you are entangl...
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 12 years ago
another quick fun read.
debnance rated it 14 years ago
A blow-through-it book I’d have hated if I’d tried reading any other way.
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