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Pollyanna - Community Reviews back

by Eleanor H. Porter
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The Magical Land of Books
The Magical Land of Books rated it 8 years ago
I read Pollyanna just two weeks ago. It was the first time. I needed a relaxing book, I needed I guess a children's book maybe.I found it adorable, and it is very powerful because there is again an element that I love so badly to meet in the books I prefer: the capacity of a community to changing th...
Jessicathecat rated it 10 years ago
A classic from childhood. Actually, I remember the movie better, with Haley Mills as Pollyanna (I think). The classic plot of poor little wonderful girl who becomes an orphan, moves in with an unsympathetic relation (aunt), and gradually turns the cold hard woman into a loving person. All the while,...
heidithebee rated it 11 years ago
Pollyanna is a delightful bit of escapism. Sure she's the most optimistic character in literature and the plot is ever bit saccharine, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. There are plenty of novels available that are realistic and full of depressing subjects, and sometimes it's good to read ...
Flying Kick-a-pow!
Flying Kick-a-pow! rated it 12 years ago
thinking of this book just makes me want to hurl. gah, this is like the barfy-est book EVER. it's a total rip-off of anne of green gables--which also sucks. the whole thing is just like, "oh i'm a poor little orphan girl, but despite my troubles i see the bright side of everything, and i soften the ...
My Reading Life
My Reading Life rated it 12 years ago
Actually, at first I watched a movie with the same name on TV. The movie was so appealing to me that I’ve started to find more information about it. The first thing I discovered about it was that it is based on a book. As a result, I went to bookstores and then second-hand bookstores to find the boo...
Kiwiria rated it 13 years ago
This book never fails to put me in a good mood. I know that Pollyanna is somewhat over the top and definitely unrealistic, but so what? She's absolutely adorable and utterly charming which makes for wonderful reading and the perfect comfort book :)
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 13 years ago
I read this as somewhere along the lines as a 9 year old. That was probably a mistake. Pollyanna was the most unrealistic character ever. She was such a perfect little girl who *was perfect* and accepted the way she was treated like nothing else. I really disliked her. But I should probably re read ...
Degrees of Affection
Degrees of Affection rated it 24 years ago
*3.5 Stars**The Gush* I grew up with this book. It's been awhile since I read it, so this will be brief.The writing is solid, the pacing is good; because of the type of book it is there will be some readers who find it boring at times, though I didn't. The characters are very real, if you have lived...
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