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Users' testimonials

Dragana, Serbia : bookwormdreams.booklikes.com


No matter if I want to keep an inventory of all books I read/own, feed my OCD by making long lists of books I want to read, be neat-picky about rating with half-stars, post book reviews, share inspiring quotes or bookish funnies - Booklikes got me covered. And if something is missing, those amazing mind-readers from the development team are probably going to make it available in the next release.



Erika, USA: livingforthebooks.booklikes.com


A great site for reviewers and readers alike. Easy to navigate with beautiful blog designs to choose from. BookLikes makes it easy to keep track of books on read and to-read lists.



Sabrina, Germany: happybooks.booklikes.com


BookLikes offers readers everything they want: various possibilities of design and personalization, a growing community of readers and a team that cares about what users want. The site is a joy to use.
With BookLikes I have found an online community that feels like a home for my books, my reviews and my bookish thoughts. I love this place, it's positive vibe, the design and all the bookish friends I have made there.
BookLikes not only offers a great design and various personalization options. It also offers a enthusiastic bookish community and a friendly and very supportive team. I heart this site.



Caroline, Canada: sensitivemuse.booklikes.com


I love Booklikes because of the clean design, simple and easy to use and the fact that you're basically posting your reviews on a mini blog on the site itself I think that's what makes it so unique than the other book sites out there. So those who haven't gotten a chance to become book bloggers will be able to have a taste and feel for it with Booklikes. I've met several new friends on Booklikes and am looking forward to meeting more! having books in common with other people is one of the best way to break the ice :D



Oana, Romania: oana.booklikes.com


BookLikes has proven to be a great bookish experience! I love the design and the fact that it is so user-friendly. For me, the best thing is that it’s easy to keep track of the people I’m following, to like their posts and re-blog them. It’s a wonderful community, and every day I discover new book bloggers with similar tastes.



Darin, Switzerland: darinmcdonald.booklikes.com


The team is full of wonderful hardworking friendly individuals. I like the fact that Booklikes is alway trying to improve the process and strives for excellence using nearly all resources available to them, and asking users for personal input.



Pablos, Poland: pablos.booklikes.com


BookLikes is not only platform for sharing and seeking information on specific books. The posts don't have to be reviews, they can be anything to do with literature. Link to an interesting article, a video, a photo or just a good quote that you straight away want to share with others. Anyone who loves books knows what I mean.



Trillian, Austria: trillian.booklikes.com


I am always up for suggestions of new reading material and what is more fun than talking about books you have read with fellow reading enthusiasts - you often find yourself reading books you would never have read without the recommendation from others. Since I changed from paperbacks to an ebook reader, I often struggled to keep track of all the books I have read and even more important of those that I want to read in the future. In the past I did try a few websites which offered limited functionality and often lacked features I regarded as key for my reading adventures. However this recently changed when I stumbled across booklikes - a website that offers everything from organizing your books in a virtual bookshelf to writing about your reading experiences on your very own blog. Now I can share and contribute with many different people about my reading habits with so much ease especially because booklikes allows the use of disqus. Booklikes is always listening to user input when upgrading their services which is a really important thing for a good community. The team listens to feedback and tries to implement every good idea as soon as possible. I really found an excellent virtual home for me and my books and hope that many others will join and help to build an even better community for book fans all around the world.



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