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Press Release - Sept 18, 2014

Earn Money by Reviewing Books - BookLikes Opens Affiliate Programs For Book Bloggers


September 18, 2014 -- BookLikes, a global, free, and independent blog platform designed for book reviewers, writers, and bloggers, is opening affiliate programs to allow its members to earn money by doing what they love: reviewing and collecting books.


In response to requests from BookLikes members, the BookLikes team is making it possible for book bloggers to generate revenue from their book reviews and the book collections on their personal BookLikes webpages.


16 months after its launch, BookLikes has over 45,000 active book bloggers and is the largest book blog platform on the web. It is a place where book lovers can share their reviews, quotes, and book recommendation with the international community on a daily basis. Today, BookLikes is opening a new chapter by inviting all its registered bloggers to connect their affiliate programs with their BookLikes account. This means that whenever someone clicks on a book in the blogger’s virtual bookshelf or book review and buys it, the blogger gets 100% of the commission set by the seller.


It’s easy to start benefiting from affiliate programs on BookLikes. Just a few clicks will connect a member’s affiliate ID with BookLikes and make it possible to earn money from reading books and sharing reviews. Book bloggers are not confined to one affiliate program: to increase their profit rate, they may choose as many as they please.


Our redesigned BookLikes was launched to the public in May 2013. It combines short-form blogging tools with the features of a book-cataloguing site, and its international community of online book lovers is continually expanding. Our unique approach to service includes weekly product release. The most recent are: a multilingual book database, reading statistics, and free promotional opportunities for authors (author pages, official profiles, and verified badges).

For more information, contact:

Dawid Piaskowski, CEO




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