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Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia, #4) - Community Reviews back

by C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes
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An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 2 years ago
I have an impression of each book in my head, and it turns out those impressions are mostly wrong. For some reason I remember Prince Caspian as being a lot of walking in the woods, when in fact the characters don't spend that much time walking in the woods at all. This is one of my favorite in the...
Ali's Magical Reads
Ali's Magical Reads rated it 3 years ago
Hello and welcome to another post from me yay!!! Well, as you all can tell I am doing yet another review on The Chronicles of Narnia Series! This time I am reviewing "Prince Caspian" of course by Mr. Lewis. So, bare with me as I review this one and when I finish the last three. Then we can all go wh...
Adventures Thru Wonderland
Adventures Thru Wonderland rated it 3 years ago
An interesting story (I'll have to add a complete review later.)
Reading Slothfully
Reading Slothfully rated it 4 years ago
Depending on how one counts things, this is either the second or the fourth book in the Narnia series. I didn't grow up reading the Chronicles of Narnia, so don't have the attachment to them that I do for, say Dr. Doolittle. While we did read Narnia to our kids, I believe I only got bits and snatche...
Moonlight Reader
Moonlight Reader rated it 5 years ago
***Spoiler alert*** My Narnia posts pretty much presume that either you have already read the entire chronicles, or you don’t care about spoilers. It is impossible to discuss the whole series without spoiling the various parts of it. Fair warning – you will learn a lot about the plots by reading o...
Kathryn Lively, Reader
Kathryn Lively, Reader rated it 5 years ago
Read with the little one. She seemed to enjoy this one more than TLTWATW. The story seemed to move slower for me, though. It might be because much of the story is a flashback of Caspian's youth and the trek from Cair Paravel to Aslan's How takes forever. The action is rather slow for a book about wa...
Degrees of Affection
Degrees of Affection rated it 5 years ago
My review of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as well as what the whole series has meant to me over the years can be found here. Finally! I've never had a book of this series (barring The Horse and His Boy) give me such problems before, but I think I read 4 + books while I tried to read this...
MrsJoseph: Books, Life & Wine
MrsJoseph: Books, Life & Wine rated it 5 years ago
I love the Narnia series and I’ve read it many, many times. Whenever I read this series, I always read it in original publication order – as it should be. It’s hard to review books you love so this is more like…a smattering of a review combined with my general thoughts and feelings. Prince Caspi...
deborahmarkus7 rated it 5 years ago
It's been years since I allowed myself the pleasure of rereading the Narnia books. And now I have two pleasures in reading these books: enjoying my old childhood joy, and analyzing the writing itself.One thing I remember noticing even as a child is the absolute dearth of femaleness. I don't mean fem...
Ceridwen rated it 5 years ago
So, I was recently ruminating about media tie-in books for kids in a review of Too Many Cooks, parsing what exactly I like from books whose nag-factor usually kills any joy I might take in their pages. I'm pretty sure that The Return to Narnia: The Rescue of Prince Caspian is even lower than a media...
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