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Princess - Community Reviews back

by Jean Sasson
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Caffeine Reviews
Caffeine Reviews rated it 7 years ago
This book left me with mixed feelings on the one hand I felt anger and horror at what Saudi women endure at the hands of their men and yet since the story teller is a rich Saudi Princess I was also put off with her wealthy life style. Did I really need to know about your servants rubbing your feet a...
Sassapphras rated it 9 years ago
Okay, I'm not positive this is the book I read years ago, but it seems like it is. I'm pretty sure it was called Princess, and I know it was about one of the Arabic countries.If this is it, it was pretty good. Difficult to read sometimes, but interesting.
Momster Bookworm
Momster Bookworm rated it 9 years ago
A first person account (though written by an American author / friend) of a princess of Arabia, which talks about how women are viewed and treated as possessions in Saudi Arabia. and whose lives are dictated by the men. The veil and 'abaaya' that these women are required to wear hide more than their...
The Drift Of Things
The Drift Of Things rated it 9 years ago
3.5 starsI was slightly put off by the way Princess Sultana tried to portray her life as somehow representative of what average Saudi women have to endure. The reality for most women there is so much worse. She does mention some examples of what happened to other women, but her tone is often self-...
Dantastic Book Reviews
Dantastic Book Reviews rated it 10 years ago
Princess is the story of a Saudi Arabian princess called Sultana for the purposes of the story. It shows a picture of the life of a woman in the male dominated Saudi society. Her brother is treated like a god from birth while she and her sisters are subjected to whatever cruelty he desires. As Su...
Ko rated it 12 years ago
I didn't know how to rate this book. I shelved it with memoirs and non-fiction, though I suspect it's probably a novel pretending to be memoir. As a fake memoir, it only gets 2 stars. If it turns out to really be the smuggled diary of Princess Sultana, though, then 5 stars and a heartfelt apology.
ⓂⓂ NERD rated it 14 years ago
This was the first book I have ever read ( I mean an grown up book, I was 16 and all I read was fairy tales), it was a gift from my father , I loved it , it is absolutely one of my favorite book and since then I just can't stop reading books.I come from an environment similar to the princess, so un...
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