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Private Arrangements - Community Reviews back

by Sherry Thomas
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Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 4 years ago
I hate books where the misunderstanding/unsaid feelings go on until the end of the book and this book was exactly in that vein. I could not get into it because I kept telling both characters, "Quit being an ass and tell them what you feel and/or meant!" No one listened to me until right toward the e...
P. Wish Rants and Reviews
P. Wish Rants and Reviews rated it 4 years ago
This is the first book I've read by Sherry Thomas and I enjoyed it. Private arrangements is what one would call a 'second chance' romance. I have to admit this is my favourite kind of plot. The main characters past adds depths to the story. However, I felt, the conclusion was well-known from the ...
Moonlight Reader
Moonlight Reader rated it 6 years ago
This review was originally posted on amazon on August 13, 2012: What happens when inalterably headstrong falls in love with unrequitedly stubborn.This was a sad book. That I really liked anyway.When the book opens, in 1893, Gigi has just asked her husband, Camden, for a divorce. The two spouses ha...
Malin rated it 6 years ago
Lord and Lady Tremaine have the ideal marriage, according to society. Having lived apart, on separate continents, for the the last decade since their wedding, they are nonetheless all that is elegant and courteous in relation to each other. Until Lady Tremaine shocks everyone, not least her own husb...
Feminista rated it 7 years ago
Rating: 4 out of 5.This book is one of the few exceptions to my no-cheating/adultery novels. I had this book listed under my never-to-read shelf. The reason why I was particularly easy to persuade to read this book was because:Heroine cheats first. And they are both virgins for their first time toge...
Bright and Shiny Shiny
Bright and Shiny Shiny rated it 7 years ago
Thank you new_user and BJ for recommending this wonderful author!
mybookjournal rated it 7 years ago
A well written book with an entertaining story line. I like the way both past and the present were merged. I would give 3.5/5
La Mala *the mean girl*
La Mala *the mean girl* rated it 7 years ago
Tengo la teoría , forjada tras años de leer romances históricos , de que la gran mayoría de las autoras del género son fieles fanáticas de "Lo que el viento se llevó" . Aman tanto el libro , les angustia tanto el final , que hoy , en todos sus escritos deciden hacer una suerte de fanfic anual para d...
Punya Reviews...
Punya Reviews... rated it 9 years ago
My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 2 parts.So, already finished reading 17 chapters of the book. Yah, I have, I'm gulping it down. And, how do I feel about it? Amazing in one word! The book is a revelation and so is Sherry Thomas. And, ...
Elena Likes Books
Elena Likes Books rated it 9 years ago
My default rating for historical romances tends to be 3 stars, for blandness and unoriginality. Problems I had with this book to bring it down to two:1. Lack of external plot (my most common issue with historical romances). Most romances would be much improved by the addition of an element of danger...
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