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by Chuck Palahniuk
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XOX rated it 5 years ago
This supposed to be funny. But it is not so funny if you understand Chinese and know that most Chinese, even who don't speak proper English, don't sound like that as describe in the book. The dialogue itself would have turned me off. But wait, there is more. There is no main plot. There is a ...
nouveau rated it 7 years ago
hey Goodreads works the other way, too...this Palahniuk found its way to my bookshelf... and i found it a heavy disappointment after fight club...but glad to find out the masses also say, "Palaniuk's worst."so now maybe i explore his other stuff.
Ana V.
Ana V. rated it 7 years ago
This is the first time I have met an author able to do such different things with his stories. It's pure talent and raw passion that Palahniuk has, to mix so many things in his books and present them under such weird forms, and still be able to make himself understood. What I probably love most abou...
lebrunskibooks rated it 8 years ago
A self-indulgent polemic filled with one-dimensional (at best two-dimensional) characters. It is genuinely funny in places, but there's not enough to redeem it to be a worthwhile book.
shenmi meiren
shenmi meiren rated it 9 years ago
It was a rather difficult book - especially since I read it together with a friend, aloud... Not the best Palahniuk experience, though memorable :)
Osho rated it 9 years ago
Fun enough, and its language inspired me to re-read A Clockwork Orange. Enjoyable as an audiobook. Although sort of stupid, it's fun, and more hopeful than much of Palahniuk's oeuvre. As always, Palahniuk undoes the power of his work by not trusting the story's world to stand without assistance, and...
cczarneckikernus rated it 10 years ago
Really liked the idea of the book, but I didn't finish it b/c the writing style, although effective in its purpose, I found tedious. About 2/3rds of the way in, I just didn't care enough to finish, or even peek to the ending.
Genosha is for lovers
Genosha is for lovers rated it 10 years ago
I'll give it another chance as soon as they translate it into English.
Booklog rated it 11 years ago
3 stars because I just felt like the usual cultural and societal observations that Palahniuk is renowned for were just too obvious. Perhaps Fight Club ruined it. It broke ground with it's criticisms of American materialism and superficiality in ways that were breathtaking (even though the film was...
Reading Adler's List
Reading Adler's List rated it 11 years ago
I really wanted to like this book. Partly due to the Mao-esque little red book waving dude decked out in comradewear on the cover. Partly due to the fact that it feels like a really long time since I've enjoyed something by Palahniuk. It may just be desensitization. His cult fiction cutting-edge...
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