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R.L. Stine
Why is Tim Jacobus R.L. Stine's favorite illustrator? Maybe because they've done so many scary books together. Tim did the cover paintings for more than 80 Goosebumps books, as well as the six amazing Amazon books. Recently, the two of them got together and asked the questions they've always... show more
Why is Tim Jacobus R.L. Stine's favorite illustrator? Maybe because they've done so many scary books together. Tim did the cover paintings for more than 80 Goosebumps books, as well as the six amazing Amazon books. Recently, the two of them got together and asked the questions they've always wanted to ask each other...~~~~TIM (the illustrator) asks R.L. STINE (the author):TIM: When I illustrate, I can "see" the image in my head before I start to draw. Do you "hear" a story when you write?R.L.: I hear kids when I write. I try to hear the voice of the boy or girl who is telling the story. I visit schools a lot and talk with kids so I can keep up with what they are saying these days and what real kids sound like. Then I try to hear their voices tell the story as I write it.~TIM: You've written so many books I can't do the math, but I bet you've used millions of words. What's you favorite word?R.L.: Someone once got in an elevator with a very witty author named Noel Coward and said, "Say something funny." And Coward said, "Kangaroo." Kangaroo has been a favorite word of mine ever since I heard that story. But as a horror writer, I guess my favorite word is SCREAM!~TIM: Where is the strangest place you have come up with an idea for a story?R.L.: An empty movie theater. My wife and I went to see a scary movie in a big, old movie house-- and we were the only ones in the theater. It was kind of creepy. Then about halfway through the movie, I turned around and saw that the back row was filled with people sitting straight and still. Suddenly, I thought-- They are zombies! I'm trapped in a dark zombie theater! And that's where the idea for the book Zombie Town came from.~TIM: If you couldn't write-- and you possessed all skills-- what would you like to do for a living?R.L.: I drew comic strips from the time I was in 4th grade, and I always dreamed of being a cartoonist. You can imagine my shock when the other kids told me how bad my art was. They were right. I stunk! I got over my extreme disappointment by starting to write. But if I had the skill, I would love to do what you do, Tim.**********R.L. STINE (the author)asks TIM (the illustrator):R.L.: If you couldn't be an artist what would you like to be?TIM: I would like to be a "Snowmaker" at one of the big ski resorts, out west, like Mammoth Mountain in California. You work at night when everyone goes home. Set up the snow guns, cover the slopes, and groom them with the Sno-Cat track machine. It's kinda like a snow tank! Then, you get to ski for free! I love that snow!~R.L.: When we were kids, my brother and I used to go to a horror movie every Saturday. We loved them all. The covers on our six Amazon books look like movie posters to me. Were you also influenced by horror movies? If so, which ones?TIM: I was a complete "chicken" as a kid. I couldn't sit through any horror movie. The first scary movie I saw was on TV. It isn't really a horror movie. It was the Hunchback of Notre Dame-- the black-and-white version with Charles Laughton. That movie freaked me out! The mutant, Quasimodo, was something that REALLY could exist. Black-and-white movies, black-and-white photos--they all seem more "real" than full color to me.~R.L.: You have painted so many great covers. I think your scariest Goosebumps cover was for The Barking Ghost. And the black cat on The 13th Warning is really creepy. Do you have a favorite cover? Is it a scary one or a funny one?TIM: It's hard to pick a favorite. But you gotta love the blue bathroom blobs in Monster Blood IV. That one is a little creepy and WAY funny. For just outright scary, I love the ticket taker in Zombie Town!~R.L.: What was the weirdest thing someone ever asked you to draw?TIM: Oh, I have drawn a lot of weird stuff. One time, I had to paint a pimple! You know... acne! It was a medical illustration. Gross. When I first started illustrating, I painted pictures of food. My food illustrations were used in the Sunday newspaper for the local supermarket. I painted every food you can imagine. I can draw a pretty mean potato!
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Book Baby
Book Baby rated it 5 years ago
Basically the book was disappointing. I've been a big fan of Stine since I was a child. I had very high hopes for this book. I was very excited to see that he'd written a book for adults. But honestly he should probably stick to writing books for children and teens. The book wasn't scary. It didn't ...
mtw1tter rated it 6 years ago
Lacking in horror/suspense.
Constantly Moving the Bookmark
Constantly Moving the Bookmark rated it 6 years ago
Lea Sutton writes a travel blog for people who like adventure. Researching for her latest instalment she travels to the small island of Le Chat Noir off the coast of South Carolina where she experiences a fierce hurricane. In the aftermath of the storm she is wandering on the beach looking at the ...
Kari@ From the TBR Pile
Kari@ From the TBR Pile rated it 6 years ago
I really didn't care for this book. I found myself skimming it and then, finally, I skipped to the end to see what happens. I thought it had a YA feel. But, I also thought it was poorly written. The idea that a travel writer would go to a secluded island when hurricane is days away was just not...
Marcia rated it 6 years ago
I never read the Goosebump books so I wasn't too sure what I was in for. Good creepy book. I didn't see the ending coming.
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