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Relativity - Community Reviews back

by Cristin Bishara
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OMGIt'sBooks rated it 4 years ago
Twirling Book Princess
Twirling Book Princess rated it 5 years ago
The blurb and the cover were 2 things that pulled me into reading this book, sadly it wasn't really meant to be.Why? Well let's see, Ruby, she was one of the biggest reasons why I didn't particularly like this book. I felt like I was reading a book about a science computer. Constantly she is sprouti...
Khanh the Killjoy
Khanh the Killjoy rated it 5 years ago
"I wish, I wish, I hadn't killed that fish." No, that's not a quote from this story. That is a quote immemorial from one of my favorite The Simpsons specials, Time and Punishment. The gist of that episode is that Homer fried a toaster while trying to fix it (naturally the way to fix a toaster is by...
AnneHannah rated it 5 years ago
I like the idea that there are other alternate realities out there, and in that respect this book is a win. Can you imagine being able to scroll through other (maybe better) versions of your life? To be able to see the What If factor first hand? Very cool.Ruby is dissatisfied with her life. Her mot...
[B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E] rated it 5 years ago
****Review to Come****
On Starships and Dragonwings
On Starships and Dragonwings rated it 5 years ago
Relativity by Cristin Bishara is a short and sweet nerdy adventure! As a science oriented person, I’m always a fan of actual scientific theories being used in books, so when I discovered that Relativity had a heavy amount of string theory, I was hooked! I literally read Relativity in one sitting and...
jenryland rated it 5 years ago
Loved that this book provided a more science-based take on parallel universes. Loved Ruby. I did have a few quibbles that had to do with the way the premise limited my emotional engagement with the story (I will explain when I review) but overall I enjoyed this one.
Such A Novel Idea
Such A Novel Idea rated it 5 years ago
For this book and more, visit Such A Novel Idea.Why You Should Buy ItThis thought-provoking science fiction novel will have you on the edge of your seat. You'll learn a little about science within the realm of one teenage girl's life and her discovery of the perfect world.My Thoughts*I received thi...
Inspiring Insomnia
Inspiring Insomnia rated it 5 years ago
This review and others are posted at Inspiring Insomnia.I'm not going to pretend that I understood everything about parallel lives and wormholes as they were described in Relativity, but that did not detract from my enjoyment of this book.Ruby wants what we all want, and what we all should have: lov...
Erin's Books
Erin's Books rated it 5 years ago
Relativity is one of those stories that makes you think about the “what ifs.” You know, what if I left the house 5 minutes earlier…would my day have turned out differently or in the case of Ruby, what if her mother had survived the car accident she was in…would Ruby’s life have been different? The ...
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