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A Man With An Agenda
A Man With An Agenda rated it 5 months ago
There's no way I can do justice to this book, 'Watership Down' was one of my favorites growing up. My mother's copy is giving up the ghost - even the rubber bands holding it together are aging out - so I'll be hunting for a nice edition of it soon, because I'm going to be reading it again. The book ...
Arbie's Unoriginally Titled Book Blog
Heavily relies on the reader having read the novel Watership Down prior. The first two parts focus on the bunny folk-hero, El-Alhrairah and his adventures. The last part is a story sequence cum novella about events in and around Watership Down after the close of the novel. If you hankered for mo...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 11 months ago
This was an enjoyable collection of short stories about the rabbits of Watership Down. We get to read about what they were up to before the end of the first book which caused me no end of tears. I honestly have to say that reading about El-ahrairah in the first story was fine, but after that I foun...
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 1 year ago
Another one off of NPR's Ultimate Backseat Bookshelf. I've tried to read Watership Down several times, and I finally finished it! I used to watch the movie over and over as a kid even though it scared the crap out of me. I was talking to a coworker and we both agree that you could read the first h...
Musings/Träumereien/Devaneios rated it 1 year ago
“Watership Down”. 30+ years later I still sometimes get nightmares. "There's a dog loose in the wood... there's a dog loose in the wood..."Couple the painful nostalgic setting of an old and disappearing rural England, with the horrors of the totalitarian rabbits, and you get something that strikes f...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 2 years ago
Seriously! How is no one on Booklikes or Goodreads going to give a girl a warning about making sure she had some tissues! I was a mess. Over rabbits! I have been meaning to read this book in 2017 so am glad I finally got it completed. It was a pain though since my Overdrive borrow only allows me t...
Reading For The Heck Of It
Reading For The Heck Of It rated it 3 years ago
Honestly I just wasn't in the mood so I got to page 30 and decided that this was one I might revisit in the future but for now I'm not interested. :-/
Muccamukk rated it 3 years ago
Third time I've read this, but first in a few years, but I remember so much of it so vividly from when Dad read it to use when we were young. It is very difficult to talk about a book as deeply foundational as this one. I noticed more character details this time, how the stories built on each other,...
YouKneeK rated it 3 years ago
This was my first time reading Watership Down, and I didn’t know too much about it before I began reading except that it was a story told from the perspective of rabbits. I’m glad I finally read it, and I enjoyed it, but I was never enthralled by it. It was easy for me to put down. The book starts...
Burfobookalicious rated it 3 years ago
This was one of my course books at school and we pored over the adventures of 'Fiver' and 'Bigwig', et al and the underlying social systems of the respective burrows. It was one of those classroom unknowns, but discussed at length, whether it was the author's intention to provide a critique of democ...
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