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Romancing the Duke - Community Reviews back

by Tessa Dare
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Figgy O'Connell
Figgy O'Connell rated it 2 years ago
Not my normal fare, but this seems to have overwhelmingly positive reviews from people I like, so... *shrug*
The Reading Jackalope
The Reading Jackalope rated it 2 years ago
This was September’s pick for Vaginal Fantasy, and as I finished it before the hangout it totally counts as having been read in time. Yup. Totally. It’s a light, fluffy read that had me crying with laughter in some spots and grimacing in frustration in others, so kind of a mixed bag. The first half...
Author Naomi Boom
Author Naomi Boom rated it 2 years ago
Wow. I can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. I think I could read it again right now.
Kaethe rated it 3 years ago
I loved this so much I immediately requested the others in the Castles Ever After Series, because humor! and castles! and more humor! and books! set in some sort of generic historical period. Such fun.Library copy
Bambbles Rambles
Bambbles Rambles rated it 3 years ago
I swear I could make a generator for historical romance titles. There are only like four verbs and various titles. Or the puns, dont forget the puns. Anyway, this book. I liked it. I read it on a cross country plane ride and it kept me sufficiently entertained the whole time. I loved the character...
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 3 years ago
Light, a bit corny. Izzy is very similar to the heroine of "A week to be wicked". On the other hand, I did not like Ransom so much. Too gloomy, too pathetic. At least there are not silly misunderstandings, and the day after, Izzy makes things clear by saying she does not expect marriage. But of cour...
Dancing Words
Dancing Words rated it 3 years ago
Ah, historical romance never fails me! I may not read this often but that does not mean it's not my favorite. The thing is, I am picky with this kind of genre. I only want the best. I don't want anything marring my starry-eyed adoration with these stories and this one definitely kept it intact.I am ...
Megan's Book Madness
Megan's Book Madness rated it 3 years ago
I listened to the Audiobook for this.I usually stick to paranormal romance books but this one was very good. I can't stand cheesy lines which is why time period romances usually don't do it for my but this book did not have that many in there. Random was amazingly crude and proud. Which makes for...
Nicole Reads
Nicole Reads rated it 3 years ago
Swoon. This is just what I needed to read. It's silly, it's slightly over the top but, most of all, it is utterly romantic. I laughed, I raged, I let out more than one squee!, I even cried a little. All of July I was feeling a bit like Ransom, the hero of our story. Angry, jaded, completely p...
Ilze rated it 4 years ago
Just bizarre. It has some intentionally very funny moments, but overall it makes almost no sense. (I realize that making sense is not exactly a requirement for a romance, but I tend to enjoy a story more if there is some rhyme or reason to it.)
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